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  1. MMnemonic

    PAYING TO send 400-500 emails to accounts (PER DAY)

    Hello all, I'm a web designer who scrapes 400-500 emails from Craigslist per day. Those emails are from job postings asking for web designers. I then send them my CV and a link to my portfolio. That's how I get my freelance projects. I've tried emailing them using multiple email accounts and...
  2. Agent00x

    Want to Rent or Buy RDSL for these 4 cities

    Interested in RDSL for CL posting in: NY, LA, ATL, CHI Pm with your prices/conditions etc. Cheers
  3. S

    High Volume experienced CL Poster needed

    Looking to for a high volume CL poster in the community section.....300 plus ads per day 7 days a week. Must be reliable and professional and have prior experience posting high volumes daily. Please PM me your rates. Thanks
  4. calebmann

    CL Poster needed for Quick Job!!

    I will supply the post, but i need posts in all free cities in CA and FL which is only around 50 at most all together. It should be a quick easy job for any CL poster. You must be experienced, and guarantee that none of the posts will be ghosted or taken down. PM me your charge, i know...
  5. S

    Ad copy writer needed

    I need an ad copy writer for a wide variety of online marketing projects. The first project will focus on craigslist ads for various projects and services. If you know CLAD software and it's tokens that is a plus. Please PM your previous experience and what you charge. If you have any sample...
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