craigslist ad posting

  1. chrisyoungsd

    Need a Craigslist Poster

    Hi I am looking to post ads on Craigslist and would like someone to do it for me. I have the add created, etc. Ping me on skype to discuss details. Thanks! Skype: christopherwyoung
  2. Bostoncab

    Looking for an apartment and every other listings is a scam

    Looking for an apartment and every other listings is a scam. If you make money like this God bless you but I hope you trip over a rock and bump your head and forget how to post. Hello, I am sorry for my late response to your email as i have been busy lately, It gives me great joy to know that...
  3. Z

    New to the Community

    Just thought I would give a shout out to the Blackhatworld Community! I have been a part of a few different webmaster forums for a while now. Hope to build some great business relationships here and to grow my knowledge on the marketing niche! See you around the forum.
  4. Agent00x

    Want to Rent or Buy RDSL for these 4 cities

    Interested in RDSL for CL posting in: NY, LA, ATL, CHI Pm with your prices/conditions etc. Cheers
  5. S

    High Volume experienced CL Poster needed

    Looking to for a high volume CL poster in the community section.....300 plus ads per day 7 days a week. Must be reliable and professional and have prior experience posting high volumes daily. Please PM me your rates. Thanks
  6. A


    Hello everyone, I stumbled across BHW after doing some intense research into marketing and webmastering in order to better sell some software I'm developing. I do freelance IT for small and medium sized businesses. I characterize myself as a bit of a hacker (I love 2600) as I've always messed...
  7. G

    help me fight goliath

    Im looking for someone to post ads on craigslist for my company, having had problems with my competition, which uses some kind of software to ghost my ads, or simply make them disappear. This is David against Goliath. Im just a hard worker and i cant take on these poeple by myself. PLease i...
  8. ramtripper

    Hiring CL Poster: 1 Ad Every 2 Days on Across Dozens of States

    How many proxies, emails, accounts, etc. do you need? What are your requirements, and what are you charging per post (that survives minimum 24 hours). How many major cities can you hit up per day with how many accounts? Are you providing your own accounts or am i providing you with...
  9. B

    Craigslist Posters

    I'm looking to hire a few more craigslist posters. I have a lot ads that need to be posted. This is what I'm looking for: * You have all your own materials to post any of the ads. * All of the links are sent back to me after the ads have been posted. This is what I want to know: *...
  10. S

    Experience reliable CL poster needed..200 ads a day General Community Section

    I am need of a reliable experienced CL poster who can deliver 200 ads a day 6 days a week and 400 ads 1 days of the week in the general community section. Please message me your rate and when you can start. Please only message if you can consistently post this volume of ads each day. thanks
  11. sfidirectory

    Recommend a FREE or cracked Craigslist (auto) ad poster?

    Hi all, It seems my Craigslist posting gig on Fiverr has got very popular in a short amount of time, and am wondering what is the best free or cracked full version of a Craigslist ad poster? I have earned my first $50 on Fiverr (mostly due to CL posting) but have to wait another 2 weeks before...
  12. S

    CL posting expert I can make us money

    I have been posting on CL for 3 years but I have been to busy to dedicate enough time to maintain it properly enough to make a substantial amount of money. I am looking for someone who can write ad copy that can get pass the CL filters and if preferred run ads/offers that you have had previous...
  13. S

    Ad Copy writer for craiglist ads

    I am looking for an ad copy writer who has experience writing craigslist ads. The ads will be in various categories. I will need 5-10 new ads written daily. I can pay per ad or on an hourly basis. Please PM me what your experience is when you can start and what you charge thanks.
  14. I

    craigslist for newbies..I need help on this

    Hey guys, im a newbie on craigslist excuse my ignorance for you pros out there, I want to test this method of marketing to complement my other campaigns and bought an ebook on it and have read alot on this forums over tha last couple of months, Here goes: I was told to set up a an...
  15. I

    looking to post on cl for sale section nationwide

    looking for professional posters to post on cl nationwide minimum 100 post per day, scattered. must be turn key ip/proxy pva etc... this is to sell air conditioning and heating systems online. name your terms and your offer must be able to track and have daily reporting of posts made
  16. S

    2 craigslist poster needed as soon as possible

    Hit me up asap, need to hire two people to post in the "for sale > General for sale " section of craiglist. 40 ads per day, for each poster, no noobs pls, don't have time explaining ghosting to ppl who claimed to be professional posters lol. So if you are new to this, don't send me a message...
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