1. Hashir95

    CraigList Ad

    Looking for an individual to create engaging and effective Craigslist ad. Experience in copywriting and Craigslist guidelines required
  2. U

    How to fake referer?

    I wanna do Job posting method and send cpa link through email replies. How do I hide this from affiliate network? I think i have to cloak or fake referer? How to do this? Should i buy cheap traffic to lower conversion rate ? If so where? Thanks
  3. B

    Craiglist keywords ad not appearing

    When i put a craigslist ad i out a lot if keywords at the bottom. When i search with the keywords i cant find the ad. Always before u could fund my ad with each keyword. Do you know why i can't find my ad now?
  4. Roger Marquez

    [REQ] Need help!

    Without geting into the why and the drama and to make a long story short i need someone to lend me a US/Canada phone number so i can verify a Craiglist account. PS: No need to post here if you want to keep things privately. You´re more than welcome to PM me. Anyone?


    Hi Everyone , My name is Mohammod qamrul hassan come form Dhaka, Bangladesh. I Want to conversation with our problem and How to solution of those. Basically I am a internet marketer and a graphics designer. So Please accept me as a your Friend. Thanks to all
  6. Abir Hossain

    Hello EveryOne..!! PVA Expert is here....!!!!

    I'm Abir. I'm From Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm Expert in Making PVA, HTML, CSS etc. I can HELP you for making Google Voice, PVA, PSD to HTML etc... I can also help you in Craigslist Posting. PM Me
  7. W

    Craigslist Posting Service?

    Can anyone recommend me a Craigslist poster or software they recommend? I've already tried 3 different CL Posters and none of them could keep my listings live. thanks
  8. M

    Craigslist Mailer / Bot

    Hi, I am looking for somebody who could send some emails on my behalf. 1000 at the most. I want to do a search on CL by newest to oldest and email the first 1000 on that list. Originally, I planned to set this up on my laptop but I don't have enough hard drive space for a bootcamp...
  9. H

    How To Activate Craiglist Phone Verification With Help of Google Voice number

    Hey I am New In craiglist. I have a google voice Number. I know there is a way to activate craiglist account using google voice number. But Unfortunately I do not know, How to Get craiglist code in Google voice Number. Can anyone Help Me. What I have to do.. What type of setting I have to...
  10. M

    Can someone recomend me a affiliate/dating site that allows chat traffic?

    I been working for a cpa affiliate for 2 months and right before the second payment they banned me.I used craiglist and whatsapp to bring in traffic and they did not seem to like that. Somone know if you can blank the traffic in some way so they cant see where its coming from? I heard...
  11. E

    Need craiglist PVAs urgent...Also need a good price :)

    Need 40-50 craiglist pvas asap please... anyone? :)
  12. kingofwhatido

    Earning some money with cl doing emails tips

    Hi i just wonder if someone knows how much u have to spin the text and subject for the mail to come into other persons inbox.Atomic mail sender has a feature there u only insert a different word in each mail is that realy enuff to go thru in masses with just one word differance? i sended 20...
  13. kingofwhatido

    How to solve any capthas by yourself

    Hi i tried a little trick when i made a email scraper and i want to share it here.If you get a google rectaptcha the one with the pictures just click on iam not a robot as usual then to the down left click the headphone icon to get a audio captcha.Now what you need to do is use a program to...
  14. M

    Kijiji sending reply software with software manager

    Hi, we need someone with a software to send reply to specifics category the same message automatically. Please contact us with your skyp for payment details.
  15. W

    [New Year Gift] Free Sms verification

    Happy New Year to you all. As a well known provider of Sms verifications for all websites including PayPal, Craiglist and any other strict sms verification process, I have a New Year gift for 3 lucky members every week. I will give free verification to 3 lucky members each week. This offer...
  16. F

    craigslist email sending with php

    Could I hire a programmer to write me a php project? <br />I want to send many emails to craigslist emails. I have a list of subjects and craigslist email addresses and can do a php foreach. But my emails willl will reach inbox of regular emails but not reach the inbox of craigslist hiden...
  17. E

    Craiglist Ads Takedown / Phone verification alternative?

    Hi BHW,I'm wondering if anyone is familiar on how to take ads down, I have competition in my city trying to take me down and I'd like to return the favor, PM me or post if you know effective and fast ways to take down the ads of someone, I already tried to ask a couple people on different ips to...
  18. S

    i need a craiglist or kijiji ad downloader

    hi there, i need about 5000 real ads (vehicule ads ) on my classified website. and i tought to download craiglist or kijiji ads and post them on my website. is there any software that can do that ? Thank you for your returns
  19. J

    Black Hatters on Craiglist be warned!

    I was just going to browse on CL today and after I clicked to go on the jobs section for writing, it immediately popped up with this page: " SCAM ALERT - affiliate scammers are posting bogus ads promising (nonexistent!) employment, paid research trials, or other compensation, but then...
  20. M

    need CL leads autoresponding.

    I need CL leads auto-responding service, If you are expert in that field, then You can be with me for permanently.I need more than 95% in boxing rate. I will pay you monthly basis and via papal.PM me ASAP. Thanks
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