cracked applications

  1. P

    What's the best site private or not for cracked/torrents for software?

  2. S

    I need to crack a windows program

    Hello, I have a trading bot but it requires a certain authentication I would like to bypass. I tired with a debug but it seems encrypted so I couldn’t do it myself. If a reasonable fee is offered I would hire someone to do it for me.
  3. F

    How do we crack softwares?

    while installing some cracked softwares, i found that even on the installation window, it shows "cracked by.... " etc, so i was wondering if these are the original developers who crack applications, because you need to have code of an app in order to show your branding in installation windows...
  4. HYDRA ceo

    ad network (ppc) for a cracked games site

    Hi. BHW i am thinking about making a website to post and upload '' cracked games '' , and of course google adsense is not the right ad network for that niche. so can you advice me or suggest any other networks that accept that type of niche and does not cause problems. and if you want suggest...
  5. thetoothfairy

    What is the best site to find nulled and cracked content

    Like the title
  6. Gucci Pums

    reverse engineering a couple of delphi apps

    if you think you are a delphi genius then please contact me for cracking a couple of delphi apps
  7. B

    Anyone tried 0MMO for software?

    Hello, I've gotten a lot of great information from BHW over the past month or so since I've joined. I figured someone here might be familiar with I was researching seo software and stumbled across them. Are the cracks they have useful and more importantly safe for my computer? Has...
  8. A

    will google search engine ban my domain for posting paid crack- android apk?

    will google search engine ban my domain for posting paid crack- android apk? Even if public upload these files and not admin. Or would it affect my page rank?
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