cpl adult


    Do you know anything about hetcash?

    Does anyone in this group have experience working with a company called hetcash? If yes please share your experience. I am planning to work with them but don't know a lot about their company. Tried to find on google but nothing much showed as result.
  2. klonja

    am lost maybe i'll lose more money on this

    after spending some time reading about CPA i jumped right into push traffic dating + CPL offer that pays 3.5$ SOI for a GEO that with low competition i got 1.6k clicks for 10$ and only made 2 conversions which got me 7.5$ that's clearly a negative ROI my question here how can you tell if a...
  3. Marissa_pcash

    Hi BH world! Marissa here :)

    Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here and looking forward to doing some biz with some of you! Marissa
  4. Harley Quinn

    Need help with offers for dating push base

    Hey guys, I need your help. Gathered dating push base, GEO US, wanna try to run on nutra, like men’s health or smthn like that. I heard it can be good. What are you driving traffic on? Please, advice me any offers, like trial or cpl. I’ve heard some recommendations but nothing ’bout exact offers
  5. Bookmaker

    Quick question about adult

    Hey guys, I‘m a little bit confused. My account on crackrevenue was approved. If I click on MyFreeCams offer there is a tracking link. Is this the link that I need to send to peoples via dm‘s? If yes I must clock them, right? Sorry for this question but I‘m new in adult and want to start to...

    Need help or suggestions.

    Please move my thread to right forum if it's not relevant to this forum. Hello, BHW world. i want to ask you people the cheapest way to generate hot targeted leads for b2c in u.s. i want to know something cheaper yet guaranteed ROI.
  7. kd199121

    Best Adult CPL Network With Smartlink

    I need best CPL adult offers - CAMS/DATING from direct advertisers. I have a lot of traffic from USA :) Don't contact me, if you can't offer good payout
  8. R

    Guys! How to buy hq adult traffic CPL basis

    I have some private adult dating offers and i need hq in-house traffic for them. If you can help me, ping me please skype: romanyakubovskyi
  9. R

    Hi everybody

    My name is Roma. I'm from Together Networks. And i have some really exclusive offer for you.
  10. A

    Any good paying CPI CPR CPL offers

    am looking for CPI CPR CPL campaigns ww , HQ traffic available in huge bulk anybody can help me ?
  11. A

    Network to work with Email or zip submit

    hi every body, i want to find CPA network to work with Email/ zip submit to complete offer, someone help me register a network.
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