cpagrip 2018

  1. ZakariaSenbai

    Cpagrip with Microworkers Strategy [Use Case]

    so i managed to generate 43.26$ on this method but i am not sure if this will be accepted as a real affiliate traffic and if i can withdraw it (after i reach over 50$ threshold) if you used this strategy before can you tell me if this is accepted or not in cpagrip?
  2. ZakariaSenbai

    CPAGRIP & CPALEAD Payment process

    hello everyone i just want to know the payment process on both CPAGRIP and CPALEAD if you received payment before from one or both please tell me the exact process like if they ask for a proof?
  3. G

    [Case Study]My CPA Journey - How I Made 0 to 1200$ in 2 Months

    After Spending 1 year of time on CPA marketing all i can say that CPA Marketing Is Amazing. Finally after 1 year of struggle and hard work i am able to make money through CPA offers. I have spent so much time on learning cpa and so much money on testing different cpa networks and promotional...
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