cpa tips

  1. uhq

    CPA WEBSITE RECOMMENDATION | With these requirements?

    Hello, Do you recommend me any CPA website with this requirements? - NO ID Verification or anything related like that. - (Optional: crypto payment) Please let me know if you know any website or if you are able to give me some tips related to this, Thanks you very much <3 Have a nice day!
  2. macdonjo3

    Newbie Help Thread [Ask Questions Here!]

    I made this thread, for the experts to give a few points to the newbies. So basiclly, some popular questions are: -What network to use? -Where should a newbie get there traffic from? If you are a newbie, post your question in this thread, as a reply. If you have made lets say over $250...
  3. B

    More Decent CPA Tips From Former Affiliate Manager Plus Method

    First, you should know that new CPA accounts are watched carefully. Any new affiliates first few leads through my network were manually verified through the client. So early leads must be solid. Second, you can expect 1 conversion for every 10,000 untargeted emails sent. Third, I make my CPA...
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