cpa + snapchat

  1. Sajib Poddar

    How to use Snapchat for a long

    Hi, my device is getting banned on Snapchat, and I can't use a Snapchat account for more than a week. I'm thinking of using an emulator on PC, so can you guys suggest which emulator would be best for Snapchat? And in which way I should use it for the long term. Note: I'd like to add their dating...
  2. F

    What can be gained from Snapchat traffic?

    I really have traffic, but how can I benefit from it?
  3. F

    I have a lot of traffic in Snape, what is the use of it?

    Guys I really have traffic but I want a proven answer from someone who can help me with my snapchat traffic and thank you .
  4. F

    I have traffic on Snap, but how do I convince them to enter the link?

    Guys I have excellent traffic but guys how do I convince them to complete the offer I have domain and hosting can you help me or any suggestions from you
  5. T

    For all those who make : CPA Adult + IG (or SNAP)

    Hello all ! I started recently in the CPA Adult + IG and I am really motivated to have very good results. I am willing to work hard to reach $10 /day then $50 /day or more after. I would be interested in communicating with people who are also in this business (experienced or beginner) the...
  6. Y

    my first 100$ from crakrevenue CPA

    hey guys i just wanted to share with you my small experience and also ask for advice . so basically i only started a fake account got a load of nudes and videos ofc i removed the watermark , and started using those pic to attract people through forums and facebook to my snapchat i get above 1k...
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