cpa conversion rate

  1. W

    Hey Guys, Can Anyone Share Their Conversion Rate on Survey CPAs?

    Hi All, Im new... I'm trying to get started with CPA, but I only have about $100 to test on search ads. So... I am wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share their conversion rates on survey offers? Essentially I need to figure out how high my bid can be (it's got to be over 17 cents...
  2. N

    How to promote smiley offers

    Hi I need to promote smiley and wallpaer offer now..Pls share your ideas to promote this niche..
  3. SERPreach

    Newbie CPA Guide: Plan + Target + Consistency = $$$

    This post could be my first contribution to my BHW members especially to those newbies who are STILL thinking/planning to earn decent bucks through CPA network. I am damn sure that the techniques involved in this post are not the so-called "SECRETS" but this post can push the starter to take...
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