cpa bots

  1. ch8878

    Is there a safe way to bring down your click rate on a CPA offer ?

    I would like to know is there a safe way to bring down your click rate on a CPA offer, because my CR is higher then I would like ?
  2. K

    [Value $400]NicheNuke-Dominate your Niche-Quadruple Your CPA Earnings[CPA Themes Included]

    Other software are expensive, gets you penalized by google, are pretentious and just look good but actually don't do much! NicheNuke it's free and efficient, you can earn over $5000 a month for just putting ads on your page NN differs from other software because uses a techonology that makes...
  3. R

    Questions about cpa bots

    I've heard and read a bunch about programs like imacro and godcpa, but I've yet to find an actual guide for things such as this. I'm guessing people do not want to release information on how to bot cpa offers, it makes sense. But I've set up a bot with imacro where it grabs and randomly...
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