cpa + bing

  1. V

    CPA Marketing Guide for the Begginer 2024

    Hi Guys A few days ago, I started my CPA marketing journey, and I have already spent 50 USD on Adsterra to promote the products. Can anyone share relevant information about CPA marketing and a guide to promote the offers? I saw many posts about Google and FB ads banning accounts that promote...
  2. stevendossantos

    Making money using Bing ads accounts ?

    Hello everybody I’m here asking you if anyone knew a better business to run in Bing ads accounts, I have a lot of prepaid accounts but I don’t know what to do with them , some guys suggested to use them for BH ads but I don’t wanna do that for my own purposes , if anyone have a legit business...
  3. stevendossantos

    Using Bing ads for CPA

    I need someone who can make good CPA offers I will promote from my Bing ads accounts…I need Bing offers
  4. Donutzer

    I have A TON of bing ads / Microsoft ads threshold accounts but have no idea where to spend it.

    I tried making a call only campaign for flight booking but it got suspended. I came to know that I can only run white hat offers. Any advice or tips to make use of these accounts? Also, I have a maxbounty approved account.
  5. M

    Starting my CPA marketing journey with a secret Guru, plan is to reach $10k per month by the end of September 2024

    Recently I have found a course on How you can do CPA marketing successfully with some proven methods with paid ads. Will keep you posted guys regarding the progress. For now I have done the course and started scraping offers from Best networks, also working on landing pages. plan is to launch my...
  6. L

    How to find a profitable offer in 24H

    Hey everyone, First of all I like this forum and whenever a question I comeback here and search and I find a lot of information. Let’s start : In the CPA world you always need to find a good offer that converts but how ? You need : Smartlink WW from any network. Tracker Traffic source (you...
  7. W

    Hi I am waliullah New here CPA Network want to know about

    Hi I am waliullah New here CPA Network want to know about
  8. C

    i need cpa methods please

    hi i need cpa methods please to get some money I am a university student and I need money to complete my studies. And the inability of my parents to help me please help me
  9. htoolas

    Ogads or cpabuild?

    Hi, I registered an account on both sites, but I don't know which is the best By working with content lock, ogads has a good CPI offers and cpabuild has good pin submit offers. What you suggested? If you worked on them before.
  10. MehtaM

    How to run CPA offers on Bing ads?

    Some people say that direct offers or offer page can be linked and some say that a pre-lander is required to run Bing ads. Which method is secure without risking the ad account? I'd be running ads of blackhat offers.
  11. Mkstan

    Hey Am Mkstan

    I decided to join the forum after reading some inspiring Trends that helped boost my skill.. Am a web designer front-end. Am into CPA Marketing too, I made $130 some months Ago as my first ever online money with Clickbank using Bing Ads. I was very happy and Greatfull to God for the...
  12. Frazinjer01

    Email/Zip submits CPA

    I just want to know if I get paid once they enter their email and it goes to the next page to fill in their phone number?
  13. Ankith K Shetty

    Any CPA network that accept chat traffic

    I have learnt that not all CPA networks like CPA grip accept chat traffic, that is traffic from WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc of content locking offers. Is there a CPA networks that accepts chat traffic for content locking offers? Thanks,
  14. Kabi12

    Question about Propellerads + Ogads

    Is traffic propellerads good? for Content Locker ?
  15. A

    Strugling 3 years for my 1st dollar

    Hi Guys, I just want to ask about the different ways to promote CPA offers i've tried many of them for more than 3 years and i didn't scced in any of them so would you like guys to help me and many others like me, just hints and i will read and try more Thnx in advance for everyboy
  16. samizle

    First sale of $5 after spending $35: Help!

    I am a beginner in affiliate marketing and I've been promoting a product (Cash On Delivery) for roughly 10 days now or so on Bing ads and I got my first sale of $5 after spending around €30 ($35). I used direct linking without tracking the keyword which brought the sale. I don't think it's a...
  17. Azertber

    Bing ads + sweepstakes offers

    As the title says guys, i just wanna know if my account will get banned if i run sweepstakes offers. Please comment who has experience ...
  18. T

    Hello There!

    I'm tonoy. I'm new in here to be a professional Digital Marketer. Can any one help me for how can i wanna be a Digital Marketer. I need a guideline and also wanna make conversion or message me if you can able to help me. Thanks
  19. aziz elmo

    what are best offer and country for AIRpush

    hi, anyone trying Airpush can tell me what are the best offer for it I spent 40$ but not result please help me
  20. Harnur

    [Need] Help with promoting CPA Offers?

    I am promoting CPA offers...should I have a landing page(before the offer page) that captures email of my visitor or should I not capture my visitor's emails? I am using paid ads...I usually promote low payout($1-3 - email submit offers). So, is there any point in capturing email of my visitors?
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