cpa 2018

  1. blackc0de2


    Hey BHW! I'm just starting my journey with CPA (OGADS + YOUTUBE) So far I uploaded just 20 Videos! And from 20 videos that I did, upload got only $17! I'm Building 100 Videos right now "GAMING HACK NICHES" I'm using VPN and Textnow to verify my Youtube Accounts! For the views and the...
  2. rajatsag

    Is now the time of the ending of CPA?

    From past 2 weeks, I have seen that Google has stopped giving rank to CPA websites. Check out the popular keywords and you will notice that Authority sites are outranking the CPA websites. For example 1. Free Instagram Followers No CPA website in top 10. Only paid service websites are ranking...
  3. E


    Hey everyone ! I'm a actually a "newbie" and I've tried Pop traffic and many other mobile traffic sources but it didn't work well for me so today I've finally decided to use Facebook Ads and there are some things I really wanna know : Is it actually profitable to promote CPA offers using...
  4. Degen

    What CPA network to join in 2018?

    What CPA network do you recommend to join in 2018 ? Non-Adult so no Crakrevenue (got terrible experience with them, over 2k balance and no pay out and 1 day later account termination)
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