1. kindablack

    Why Are Manhole Covers Round?

    Hey you smart people, This question is asked to understand how you are willing to think on your own and how creative you can present the solution in job interviews! So, show me your creativity BHW!
  2. thecreativewebs

    Highly Skilled Logo| Banner| Web etc Complete Graphic Service Up to 40% off

    Artistic Skilled Logo| Banner| Web etc Complete Graphic Service Up to 40% off skype: thecreativewebs email : [email protected] Website :
  3. Danny Crypto

    Requirement : Photoshop designer

    In 2016 it was this - Now for 2017 the Theme for the poster is Speed and Focus and it should be having ideas related analytics for more you can have a look to the attached description it's a notepad file. So anyone who is interested for this please let me know :) Waiting for your replies :)
  4. T

    Podcast Cover Art Designer.

    Hi, If there is anyone out there that is looking for a freelance graphic designer who specializes in podcast cover art. I have attached a few of my most recent work.
  5. A

    Two page magazine.......

    I design regularly several magazine ....this is the best one
  6. P

    I'll pay you to comment on youtube

    Hi, I need someone to comment on a YouTube song cover. Thanks,
  7. K

    Need a supplier for Apple appliances

    Specifically apple Ipad 2 smart covers? Legit not replicas Waaaaiit a minute. Why did I say appliances, I meant accessories.
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