courses recommended

  1. T


    Hi, Newbie Here, Just started working in consulting as a digital business manager and looking to learn more about digital marketing. Open to book and course suggestions.
  2. theidleman

    Best online resource to learn SEO???

    HI again. As the title says, im looking for the best online place to learn SEO, google SEO. I am also interested in social media but I want to get a solid foundation with google and how SEO works first. I am currently studying on coursera but it does not convince me that much, neither does...
  3. neverlackin360

    website that list all of the new internet marketing courses

    is there a website like click bank engine but for all the new internet marketing courses? there is always tons of courses being released this would be helpful. let me know if anyone knows of such site thank you.
  4. Ikaz Elkazeer

    Hey all, I'm not Ikaz

    But that doesn't matter too much. What matters is that I am here to learn and maybe contribute to the community on how to become a guru of internet marketing. That's why we are all here, right? Anyway, I hope I learn and find ways on how to succeed as an internet marketer. I also hope I'll...
  5. T

    Looking To Get Into Digital Marketing and SMM

    Hey guys, I'm currently hosting and managing a few profitable adult websites that don't need much attention from me so I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I want to learn about digital marketing and was wondering if anyone could suggest a course or something that helped them learn it...
  6. 1Enigma

    Did you take or recommend any of these course?

    I use to be a Self Help Junkie now I'm a internet marketing junkie. 1. 100k Factory 2. Adrian Morrison - eCom Success Academy 2017 3. Adrian Morrison - EcomSuitX 4. Adrian Morrison - Tee Advantage 5. AdWords Direct Response V3 6. Anthony Carbone - Wolf Millioner of Instagram 7...