1. MrWhite2018

    Let's talk about banned videos. Do the YouTube staff really review countered videos?

    We have quite a few clients that upload spam videos (game hacks mostly). Time after time we have to counter removed videos and tend to have random results. So once the counter message has been sent there's normally a reply within X hours. I'd like to hear your thoughts about something, do you...
  2. alexel

    Static Counter Script

    I'm interested in using a script that shows a counter for how many of this product have been sold today. I've been browsing at scripts and it resets on page load. There must be a git repo out there somewhere that does it.
  3. T

    How to fight and win against a VeRO take-down

    A great guide for fighting VeRO take-downs can be found here: It may be old but I used this guide on July 20, 2014 and it worked like a charm.
  4. T

    How to fight and win against a VeRO take-down

    Hey guys all credit in this post goes to Rick Drew. I simply want to make this info more available to the people of BHW. I successfully countered a VeRO take-down on July 20, 2014 by following this guide exactly. Link to the original:
  5. kingsare2

    Mutual Follower APP????

    I have a network of twitter accounts with a lot of followers. I'd like to know if there is a way for me to see how many unique followers I have in total because obviously some of the followers are the same on all accounts.
  6. 1

    What webcounter do YOU use?

    Counters, well we all need them don't we. We need to keep track where, how, how long etc. etc. etc. If we have the FREE information of our visitors we can tweak here and there some things. We want to give the visitor what they want don't we. But in my case, i use them mainly to know from...
  7. B

    Need help - some kind of counter

    I need to get a counter that would show me how many people have embeded my script in their sites. That should be something like just embeding an image on their site, but just with counting. Peace, bevardis.
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