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  1. Tanjiro B

    Expected Cost for G ads!

    Want to learn about G ads so how much it will cost me to run ads for my Amzon affiliate website want my visitor to convert into sales! i need some idea about Per Day cost! and how to target audience properly!
  2. Panther28

    Handy Spreadsheet Column Ideas to Calculate Your adwords / facebook etc Campaigns

    You can use this layout to calculate your goals, and for this campaign, I'm about to run. I can see my goal is 1 conversion to every 65 leads to breaking even first. Conversion rate is =G2/F2 (profit-spend) is =((G2*E2)-(H2*F2))/G2 Break even CPC is =I2*J2 You can use whatever more accurate...
  3. H

    What is low cost you ever get ?

    Hi, I hope you are all fine . Every one tell us what is low cost per engagement get on facebook ads targeting united state users ?
  4. A

    How many contacts in one month?

    Hi guys, I would like to know if using the Adwords keyword tool I can see how many clicks I will have in a month and what will the cost of the campaign and the number and cost per contact for the person completing the web form. Thank you so much Alex
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