copyright music

  1. H

    Music on Instagram videos. Copyright infringement?

    Hi there! I own some travel accounts on Instagram and, lately, it seems that videos are going really viral again. I've seen many travel accounts posting videos (I'd say videos are taken from TikTok) with copyrighted music that go viral and they don't give credits to the owners of the music...
  2. H

    How can I bypass Audio Copyright on YouTube?

    I have problem with Audio of my video. I upload it on Youtube and it was blocked worldwide. please help me. I don't want remove audio from my video. Many thank...:)
  3. N

    Copyright Question

    Hi all. I am generating a music site with wordpress, and am looking to bulk up content quickly by adding some interview transcripts. My question is this, can I get away with copying text from an official site? With images and videos I normally do a 'contact me if you want it taking down'...
  4. CosmicDebri

    Youtube and copyrighted music?

    Anyone know how we can get copyrighted music into our youtube videos and get em posted? I tried using a song off the Transformers cd that was ripped to cd and it was detected as 3rd party not authorized material, and was muted. It didn't have drm on it, and I tried deleting all the id3 tags as...
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