copyright law

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    How to Legally create Compilation Videos?

    None of what is said in this thread should by taken as legal advice! I'm not a lawyer and I don't know what I'm talking about. Good day everyone So the answer to my question might seem quite simple to everyone who lives in the US since yall have fair use laws. Just make it transformative...
  2. mastertanvir

    Can the word "Harvard" infringe copyright law

    I am going to start a web agency. There I want to use the word "Harvard" in the agency name. My agency and me will not have any relation with Harvard University. Nothing will be related with harvard university. I checked there website about the copyright but didn't find the specific answer I am...
  3. Freevy

    What do you think about new art 13?It will change internet as we know it?

    Hey, I want to know if you guys know anything about this law, i can't explain good in english, so i will copy paste some things from a source. The European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee Voted for the Article 13 #CensorshipMachine: What Happens Next? #SaveYourInternet Zeroes and Heroes...