1. GainTheImpossible

    This is for cars lovers :D

  2. GainTheImpossible

    MY KGR(a.k.a rank instantly keywords) + your website = $

    Hi, I am looking for someone willing to get easy-to-rank Keywords(KGR) and rank their article faster than it'd usually be. Are you sick of paying serious $$$ for KGR? Then stop! I am here for your website now. Your skills(requirements): No necessary skills. Have a website that gets already...
  3. Dunga

    That is Cool as Ice

    Loora Wang and her sister
  4. D

    [Passed Down] From Grandfather to Father to Me (1980's or early 90's)

    Dad just passed this down to me.. thought it was cool and wanted to share! My father can't remember when the watch was purchased but he believed it was in the 80's or early 90's. It was the first watch my grandfather bought when he immigrated to America. Before he passed away he passed it down...
  5. PowerPath

    How Does It Feel To Be Famous On BHW

    Was just wondering to myself how it feels for the big people on BHW(anyone with over 7000 likes). @BassTrackerBoats @ZlatanTheGod @Ste Fishkin @mickyfu @t0mmy @Sherbert Hoover and the list goes on... But really, how does it feel. Will quote famous peoples replies down here
  6. W

    Today will be a good day

    07.07.2017 :) Have a Fucking Awesome day Black Hatters! :cool:
  7. wam123434

    Best way to Monetize to 300k followers?

    Hey peeps, Just wondering what the best way to monetize to around 250-300k real followers? My account is a quote-type account.
  8. maxedgames

    Quote That Will Bring You Success

    Here is a quote or saying that I heard that literally changed how I view my life, please read, it is well worth it. If you were given $86,000 a day, everyday how would you spend it? This $86,000 does not add up and will not carry over to the next day. You could spend $1000 or $70,000...
  9. X

    Need Quote To My Company.

    Hi, We had started a new company. this is our new DATA ENTRYS+Technologies company. We need a new Quote to our company. Our Old Quote is "We Step Ahead Of Innovation". Pls share your Quote.It will be helpful to us. With Thanks, Xpress Technologies.
  10. X

    Enhance Views Alternatives

    Hi friends, Is there any websites like enhance veiws to give comments to youtube videos? because enhance views is now not working. With Regards, Xpress Technologies.
  11. I

    Idea for a new Instagram bot

    I've had this idea in the back of my mind for quite a long time and since I'm not into making bots or anything like that I decided to post a thread. So far all the bots I've used scrape images all at once, 250, 500, 1000, and most of those images/videos are old. If you like the picture right...
  12. X

    Help in hosting and domain name

    Hi friends, Thanks for the advice and helps in my previous thread, now that guy told me that he will cancel the hosting space from hostgator and refund my money, if it affects my domain name? is there any problem comes to my domain name while i cancel the account in hostgator ?
  13. I

    [GET] 50 cent Website Domains.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has been purchasing domains this cheap or not but I happened to buy one yesterday for 50 cent and I was shocked but happy. I wanted to share a link to the website where I bought a domain for 50 cent at just the domain no hosting. and it was a .com...
  14. Yes

    What's Typical Of All Gigs

    Lol! I split my guts laughing... Split :- yes Deliver :- NO EDIT :- Not all.....MOST! ;)
  15. F

    Share your favorite rickroll

    Hey, Theres threads about everything else so I figured why not. lol funny rickroll
  16. Z

    List of Fun, Amazing, Cool Websites

    Hey, guys I'm doing a small project and I need a list of websites that are fun, useful and that you guys go to every time u log onto the Internet. Here's my list so far: Hotmail Yahoo Mail Gmail Facebook Friendster MySpace Tagged mylOt Youtube
  17. emusketeer

    Best website(?)

    This is some creative creation. Check it out: Esp this includes my favorite colors ..Blue n Black :cool: Comments plz best, eMusketeer
  18. vinniffa

    First impressions of the Forum

    Hello guys. I have been in this forum for one week, I think. I have some background woth adsense. Work just with adsense right now, and now I'm trying some affiliate things because of what I read here. But what I want to say is that I'm amazed how things are here. The sharing atmosphere...
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