contextual traffic

  1. J

    Native Traffic vs Contextual Traffic

    I have begun promoting an affiliate offer that allows Native and Social Traffic, however does not allow Contextual traffic. In the offer details, it describes Contextual traffic as (Pop Over/Unders, In Text Ads) and Native traffic as (Ads integrated into content). My confusion arises because...
  2. A

    Starting Media Buying with Traffic Vance

    Hi Masters, Hope you guys are doing well. I have $1k Budget for Traffic Vance and I am thinking to start with CPA offer from Maxbounty. Please guide me which category should I choose to start my traffic ? My AM told me Athletic Greens - US is the good converting offer for Contextual Traffic...
  3. irancrude

    Where to Buy Quality Traffic out of typical sources?

    Hi there I downloaded a pdf file that on the instructions I had something like that: In order to drive traffic to your affiliate, e-book, lead capture page just purchase "contextual links" here, they offer 1st class service and convert very well: source is...