1. Y

    Policies for Contests/giveaways and f+s

    Does anyone know if running contests and giveaways are allowed on FB , also snap and tiktok? I head someone say that f+s was not allowed on snap, but heard about others doing it, so i'm not sure. Thanks
  2. dc1976

    Need votes for contest using Twitter or Facebook

    I have a contest that I need individual profiles from FB for voting up a contest. Message me if you can help. Looking for a quick turnaround
  3. The Doctor

    Post your best GPT-3 app idea. Winner will get made + free app access for you.

    What would you make with it? There are many possibilities. There have already been some neat applications made with it but some of them appear to be quite poorly coded. If this interests you, drop me a suggestion here but please: I don't even want to talk about spammy use-cases like...
  4. mr.y

    Rank a Keyword contest! Rank this Keyword an I will buy you a .com domain!

    Hey. I wanted to make something fun. The idea came to me when a friend of mine who is doing an IM course in a classrom got a homework task to make a site and make it first in google for a Keyword. He was very furstrated because other people in his class got the job done and he wasn't even...
  5. Takurah

    Best Traffic Source: and the BHW Winner is...

    From @BassTrackerBoats and @Mr Positive to @Faceless Men and @Cycl0ne Users from all levels have participated with over 60 votes, and "the Scores are in." -------------------- Poll Scores: SEO,google,yahoo,ect. 1st Place 23 vote(s) * 41.8% FB Ads,groups,ect 11 vote(s) 20.0%...
  6. A

    I need about 15.000 contest votes

    I need about 15.000 contest votes! Facebook and Captcha are required for every vote There is no need for different IP addreses, since clearing caches or using Incognito works pretty good. I can provide my Captcha Solving API keys from third party providers, so you don't need to pay for...
  7. P


    Can anyone please suggest some ways to MAXIMUM entries and exposure through Giveaway Contest? Can anyone share experiences and tips?
  8. Kerri Jean

    LOOKING: Entering a web-form contest

    I am looking for at least 1,000 entries into an online contest. The entry form requires a name & email for each entry. It doesn't seem that the email must be confirmed. Is it a possibility to hire someone to do this versus me buying hundreds of Gmail accounts?
  9. D

    Looking to buy contest votes that look legit.

    Hi there- I'm looking to purchase some contest votes (a few hundred in total, but over time) with these requirements: 1. Every vote is linked to a Facebook account 2. The Facebook account name should only contain English letters (no other alphabet characters like Russian etc.) and look like...
  10. Chadnovsky

    Need Facebook Contest Votes

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can get 100% genuine facebook contest votes. It's a total of 1000 votes. The options are either voting through facebook accounts or email. Please message me with your info/prices so we can discuss further!. Thank you!
  11. S

    Instagram contest auto like multiple pages

    Is there a way if i am running a contest to have people auto like 10 accounts with one click of a button? basically I am working with a headphone brand to do some giveaways so want to do something similar to a loop giveaway but with just one landing page any ideas on the most effective way to do...
  12. A


    Hey, I tried a contest posting 4 miniature images on a single post and the winner is that follower that receive more votes. The votes were checked by seeing how many likes received the comment "Follow this profile and like this comment to vote in ....". My main problem is on computing if the...
  13. C

    Help with fresh app downloads with scripting

    I work at walmart and every walmart is competing to achieve the most walmart app downloads, to do this the contest requires a "fresh" app download and a new account to set thier local store to our store, in the rules it says the new device is checked by using ip, i know i can make a script...
  14. C

    Buying Votes For a contest - Need Unique EUROPEAN VOTES

    I need South East European Votes & Central European votes! Contest ends tomorrow 7 CET, please send me a message as fast as possible.
  15. C

    Buying Votes For a contest - Need Unique South East Europian Votes!

    As title says. I am going to pay in crypto or your preferred payment. I need votes for a contest, i need votes only from South East Europe and Unique ones.
  16. R

    How I add my company name in contest developer?

    My company is related to mobile app development company. I want to know how I add my company in contest developer or some blog that show top 10 mobile app development company. Please suggest me.
  17. M

    Time limit of answering about Freelancer Project/Contest ?

    Hi, I am a new freelancer and already win a contest. But from 5 days I am participating many bid's ( 14 ) and 7 of the bid's already closed ( Time passed ) but no winner declared. My question is... 1. What is my next step ? 2. Which kinds of Project/Contest response earlier ? 3. How much time...
  18. Supzter

    Can I win a contest by logging into multiple PVA gmail accounts and voting?

    Hello BHW, I'm participating in an online video ad contest. To win this contest I have to get maximum 100 votes daily. will I be able to win this contest by logging into unique ip PVA gmail accounts in one computer. The gmail accounts were ordered in BHW marketplace. If its safe what are the...
  19. Enzo star


    I saw this guy who won cars and stuff in online contests, total worth of 150k in a year. He's a programmer and do what he has to do to win. Anyone can do that? pm me !
  20. Reyfr

    Contest email confirmation

    Hey Actually in contest need 5k votes with email confirmation who can provide this ?
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