content scraper

  1. mylastvacation

    Expired Article Scraper Starting At $20

    It’s the year 2023 on planet earth. The end of the world is near. Inflation is through the roof, global warming, unemployment and cannibalism are always on the rise. A deadly virus has recently killed millions of people around the world. A crowd of angry protesters gathered outside BHW...
  2. s4nt0s

    GSA Content Generator - Superb Article, Vid, IMG Scraper/Spinner, Multi-language & more - Discount

    F.A.Q. Q: How does licensing work? A: No need for transferring licenses. Install the software on your own machines, but only run it on 1 machine at a time. (per purchased license) Q: Where can I go to for software support? A: Click the help menu in the software to find links to the online wiki...
  3. Bostoncab

    Is there a content scraper that does this?

    I want a content scraper that I can feed a list of urls scraped from Scrapebox. I want the content scraper to go to each url and extract the words images metatags and other page elements and spit it out in one .html file Any such thing?
  4. A

    content scraper 4 doorways / cloaked sites

    A lot of content scrapers recently stopped working due to ezinearticles update and other things... this is an ezine scraper and it worked for the new update. it works really well and its very simple you load a list of your keywords.. load your proxies. check your proxies. select how many...
  5. P

    Duplicate content sites, the whys and wherefores

    Hi everyone, Im a very happy black hatter at the moment. I have been locked in a room coding and reading articles on PHP/curl, apache and the side effects of drinking excess amounts of caffeine. I have emerged in a daze, smelling like a camels armpit on a misty day and realized that I...
  6. R

    Need a Content Scraper / Content Generator? Sick of Caffeinated Content NOT WORKING?

    Okay, first of all, I am not affiliated with Ultimate Content Fetcher in any way. But my weekend started with me trying to use my Caffeinated Content every which way possible (I have used it many times before with no problems). Recently I've had trouble and then it quit working. I began to...
  7. U

    Yahoo Answer Content Scraper?

    Does anybody know of program or script to scrape yahoo answer for content and put in a text or word file? Thanks
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