content rewriting

  1. Guybrushthepirate

    Best AI rewriting tool

    Please, vote only if you have actually tried at least one of the tools.
  2. seojen

    Is Paraphrasing (Rewriting) Articles Legit in the Eyes of Google?

    What are your thoughts about whether it's possible to rank on Google with well-rewritten content?
  3. Li11it

    Rewrite content in English

    Hi members! I need someone to rewrite content in English. Niche - dating, adult. write me PM. Thanks!
  4. Bloodseeker

    WTH a Content Rewriter

    I've some articles for clients that need to be rewritten. The rewritten content has to be 100% plagiarism-free, easy to read, and free of any writing mistakes. I will provide sample articles. You'll just have to rewrite them and add relevant images, that you can find in the sample articles...
  5. B

    Am I offering a good service.

    Should I sell tier 2 content or is it a waste of time.
  6. B

    My Article Rewriting Journey [Day 1]

    I got my first Sale......kinda. Within 20 minutes of posting my services a user replied asking if my service would be temporary and asked if he could do this in a couple weeks. I said Yes because he wants a long term relationship. 1 order a day of 1000 words is $10. So in 30 days that's $300...
  7. kawsarbd

    Loosing place iin SERP.... Experts help please

    First of all I apologies for my bad english I hav an amazon affiliate site, which I started 8 months back. It has only 3 articles. The homepage contains the main article. It is a best of type artcle of 4000+ words. I have done some basic backlink. 400+ snocial share no guest post, no PBN. as...
  8. N

    [] Content Rewriting Service ⧚ Starting at Just $1.8 per 100 Words ⧚ Solid TAT

    TL;DR You provide us with content and we rewrite it to a very high standard. If we miss a deadline you get a refund and the content that we produced. ***Please Note Before Ordering*** Business Days : Monday - Friday Hours : 12pm - 5pm EST Any orders placed after 12pm EST will be started...
  9. Benditer

    Simple content rewriting job $2-$3 per hour

    I am looking for one or more person who are willing to rewrite some content for me and send them to me in a prescribed format. I will provide the source of the content. The requirements for this job are : 1. person should be comfortable writing English 2. sud know how to use MS Word...
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