content removal

  1. KittyTheArchitect

    Getting a review on glassdoor removed

    Hi As the title reads, i need a review left on glassdoor to be removed. Happy to pay $40 for a successful removal. Thanks.
  2. V

    Need Help with Negative Content removal from Articles sites

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for someone who can help me with Content/Link Removal from Article sites,where someone long back has posted negative post which is harming reputation of us. If someone is expert in doing that,please get in touch and we can really do good business.will pay you for...
  3. B

    Removing a picture from appearance in google image search

    Hello all, I have been reading here for long time and just made an account today. I have an issue and would appreciate your advise: I have a business on my name (first and last name) and when people google my name there's a press release which is bad, and it appears on second page now (good...