content quality

  1. Juicerjuice

    In this thread you will find out how good the content is supposed to be to rank #1 !!!

    I brought all of you here to put our weapons on the table and celebrate peace. This is a room (thread) where all of us are family to each other. Family shares. Family gives. Share your knowledge with other family members about - How Good Does The Content Need to Be? What are The Red Flags...
  2. codeman1234

    Is this consider duplicate content?

    Hello, I know this might sound as a stupid question but, I would like to know if this is consider duplicate content for google or not would be the following: I create a website with two pages called Page1 and Page2 Both Pages have their own URL like a normal page on WordPress I create a text...
  3. T

    Google Says Don't Focus on how it Defines Content Quality

    tJohn Mueller: Writers should focus on relevance instead of trying to understand Google's idea of content quality. John Mueller suggests that publishers not worry about what Google thinks about content quality. Instead, they should work on something that’s not only unique and compelling but...
  4. MuDiab

    Big G Quality Algorithm

    Based on what Metrics, Signals or criteria Google decide whether this is Quality and readable content or Just piece of crap?
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