content lockcer

  1. nachovarga

    How to make a video promoting a scammer scammer site does not get banned

    The video is made to promote a site with a content locker, it is about a site with "free 15000 riot points", traffic directed from outside, so the views through youtube search is about 80%. Mainly traffic from the US. The link is in the description and in the pinned comment. how to make it not...
  2. V

    Content Locking CPAgrip

    HI I recently started with CPAGRIP and i am searching for a video player template similar to i got a nice idea (I hope so) and which is time sensitive Here comes the problem i have enough budget for google ads but i cant afford to buy a landing page template can someone tell me...
  3. J

    Help Requested, Content Locker...etc??

    Hello Gang, I am looking for some help. I have an Essay Writing site which is taking because the SEO is horrible on the site. My site never ranked for any of the commercial keywords, so I am working to address that problem, but it is going to be sometime. We tanked primarily because I...
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