content composer

  1. F

    NOOB with 500 to spend

    tried a few sites and blogs before, never made much. was thinking i need keywords then content then link building. or maybe i should just promote clickbank with purchased traffic, read lots of journeys and threads, just gets confusing. tried autoblogging cpl yrs ago w youtube vids, that...
  2. S

    Is curating content a good way to increase traffice and PR? Page one content curator?

    I saw a video on Page One's software "Content Curator" and am wondering if it is worth the price of a license? The creator claims that it works better than back-links and on-site SEO. I am just not sure because I am so new to all of this. I am wondering if anyone has had any experince using...
  3. kobra

    Looking for experienced content curator

    If you don't know what "content curation" means then it is definitely not for you. I have 3 fitness related sites for which I need good curator. If you have experience PM me with your sample site. It's going to be a long term project. Currently, I only need passionate curator from USA and UK.

    Help! Need Excellent Content/Copy Writer To "Optimize" Established SALES Pitch Page!

    Need superior Wordsmith to bring perfection to established sales pitch page. USA based Health, Beer & Fitness company. Must be SUPERIOR in English grammar, with a flare for salesmanship and call to action. If you have copy examples of your proven work, that would be appreciated, as we are open...
  5. D

    Ayo Sexy Freaky Late Night Porn Star Girl!

    hey everyone, i spent two days dabbling with the software audacity and virtual dj and came up with a song. This is my first production, and Id like to know what everyone thinks.. Feel free to give me constructive criticism both on youtube and/or...
  6. N

    Who allows auto-blogging?

    If Google AdSense frowns upon autoblogging, then are there companies that accept it and allow bloggers to publish ads on their autoblogs? It would make sense to allow autoblogging, since Google News itself is NOT producing "unique content" per se .. they are merely citing major newspapers and...
  7. rcom

    Looking for the best content generator software

    Which content generator do you use? What is your FIRST CHOICE when it comes to a software based content generator? I'm looking to promote my new site and I plan on creating one or two new free blogs per day, 500 words per article. I want to take content from ezine article websites, and...
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