content automation

  1. J

    How to Recruit Writer or Get Content for My Site

    Hi All SEO Expert Here, I need some advise on my website. I have a website with 15 years age and i am building the website all by myself. I want it to become a news site. However, I cant generate as much content as I m on my own. Would like to ask for advise, how can I generate content for my...
  2. R

    Is it advisable to use AI to create my KDP Contents?

    I'm a newbie and I have no experience in content creation but I want to start an Amazon KDP. Someone advised me that I can use AI to create all my content without being penalised and recommended wordgenni AI (designrr). Is it advisable to write all my KDP content using AI and which AI is best...
  3. L

    StealthFarmOS|Android US Device|Full SMM Suite|15+ Social Tools|Instagram & Tiktok Automation|Camera Access|Content Editor,Generator,Scr...

    WHAT IS STEALTH OS Stealth OS is an anti-detect privacy & security based private developed android os that provides secured operating system for devices, SBC and direct system boards. It is focused on giving user full customisation of their devices while still maintaining security & user...
  4. zotix

    Starting again with Monitzed Youtube Channel and Adsense after 3 Month

    Dear BHW Community, Status Quo: I have a monetized YouTube account with 3.5k followers, and videos through SMM Panels rank higher. I often used Google Adwords campaigns and other methods to grow. I have about 7-8 Videos. The Channel is about Artificial Intelligence (Broad): Then -> Smaller...
  5. AriantheWise

    Quick question about monetization.

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding monetization of a YouTube channel and I apologize if I am asking this in the wrong place. I just want to know how a channel can get monetized when using footage from a tv show, lets say for example a popular tv show like breaking bad or game of...
  6. Pixelator

    ✅ WordPress Articles | Fully Automated Post/Schedule/Draft | Up to 3000 words | From【 $0.15/100w】| SEO Optimized | Royalty-Free Images i...

    Premium AI-Powered WordPress Articles with Images Delivered in Minutes Provide the title, and get a high-quality blog post with royalty-free images delivered directly to your WordPress site! Free sample article for all new users upon sign up. Our unique Features / Why choose us? Only provide a...
  7. D

    Are there any open source libraries for mass article creation, like GSA Content Generator?

    I was wondering if there were any open source libraries that can mass generate articles, similar to GSA Content Generator. It doesn't have to have as many features or be as fancy. Also I can handle the scraping of content myself. I think I'm looking for something that can take in scraped...
  8. Johnpeterburs

    Google Bard is Live Now - New way to Experiment the Internet

    Hey everyone, Weeks ago I've applied for Bard's joining list and today I've got an email from Google stating I can access Bard. Out of curiosity, I started spinning out what it can throw out and got the following results. The results obtained are pretty decent as what we expected from them...
  9. indianmojojojo

    Unlimited One Click GPT3 Open AI Articles, Feedback, FAQs, Email generator | AI Rewriter | SEO Optimized | 5 Languages | 6+ use cases | ...

    Create unique, high-quality content for your business with minimal effort. Content Stack tools have revolutionized the way businesses create content and reach their target audiences. STRIKINGLY POWERFUL, YET UNBELIEVABLY AFFORDABLE Cloud based unlimited plans: 29 USD / MONTH (Usually 60 USD)...
  10. P

    My content toolset for you. Let's become partner

    Hi, I have following tools in my bucket but due to time constraints, I am looking for a partner who can write around atleast 10 article (Niche - ecomm, Education and career) for me ranging from 2000-3000 words in a month for my money site ( but obvious I need good quality content based on your...
  11. Elysional


    Content Gorilla 2.0 Pro -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I will send you a special PM Content Creaite Elysional Plan -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I...
  12. S

    What is the best way to create massive content for a saas blog?

    Hello, what is the best (and economic) way to create how-to guides for a saas blog? This content is usually long (+2000 words, + tables + images) and I need around 200 articles Thanks
  13. nifras

    lots of blogspot linked to my domain does it will take down my site ?

    Hi guys, I am getting lots of links from the Blogspot site they copy my content and link to the original content image. so my question is it will affect my site ranking?
  14. sinner82

    Any recommendations for article generation tool whre I can pay for single ouput if any?

    Article Forge is is enough for quality it delivers in my case, but I need it just some times, so monthly billing it charges is too much, maybe there is an one time payment service maybe you know with same quality level output+- ? I could use fiverr or iwriter, but 10+$ for 5 articles each is...
  15. Elionell

    How to Grow Wordpress Game site! Help please.

    :(Good day everyone! Am new to web design! Sometime last year, I built a website with Wordpress. It was all about clash of clans news etc. I got contents and used spinner on some of them, yet AdSense kept saying Scraped content. This year i built a new website with...
  16. MichaelSEOaff

    Content Generation Tool

    Hello Guys, I m looking to create around +1000 of article reviews in automatic. Do you have any reco for a tool in this kind of task ?? Thanks
  17. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone in Here Used WP Auto Ranker Pro?

    Can you guys let me know your experience with this plugin? Can i go ahead to use it on 2nd and 3 tier sites? are there any better alternatives available for this in the market?
  18. B

    What are the best content generators on the market?

    Looking for softwares with quality and / or speed. Thanks for helping!
  19. 1

    How do you scale your content efforts ?

    Is there a systematic approach you use to deliver quality content fast? From ideation, outsourcing and distributing for maximum efficiency. How do I automate it? Are there any flow charts? or courses I can take?
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