content automation

  1. P

    My content toolset for you. Let's become partner

    Hi, I have following tools in my bucket but due to time constraints, I am looking for a partner who can write around atleast 10 article (Niche - ecomm, Education and career) for me ranging from 2000-3000 words in a month for my money site ( but obvious I need good quality content based on your...
  2. Elysional


    Content Gorilla 2.0 Pro -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I will send you a special PM Content Creaite Elysional Plan -STRIPE For the first 25 people who write "DISCOUNT" to the topic, the fee will be applied as $15 and I...
  3. S

    What is the best way to create massive content for a saas blog?

    Hello, what is the best (and economic) way to create how-to guides for a saas blog? This content is usually long (+2000 words, + tables + images) and I need around 200 articles Thanks
  4. nifras

    lots of blogspot linked to my domain does it will take down my site ?

    Hi guys, I am getting lots of links from the Blogspot site they copy my content and link to the original content image. so my question is it will affect my site ranking?
  5. sinner82

    Any recommendations for article generation tool whre I can pay for single ouput if any?

    Article Forge is is enough for quality it delivers in my case, but I need it just some times, so monthly billing it charges is too much, maybe there is an one time payment service maybe you know with same quality level output+- ? I could use fiverr or iwriter, but 10+$ for 5 articles each is...
  6. Elionell

    How to Grow Wordpress Game site! Help please.

    :(Good day everyone! Am new to web design! Sometime last year, I built a website with Wordpress. It was all about clash of clans news etc. I got contents and used spinner on some of them, yet AdSense kept saying Scraped content. This year i built a new website with...
  7. MichaelSEOaff

    Content Generation Tool

    Hello Guys, I m looking to create around +1000 of article reviews in automatic. Do you have any reco for a tool in this kind of task ?? Thanks
  8. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone in Here Used WP Auto Ranker Pro?

    Can you guys let me know your experience with this plugin? Can i go ahead to use it on 2nd and 3 tier sites? are there any better alternatives available for this in the market?
  9. B

    What are the best content generators on the market?

    Looking for softwares with quality and / or speed. Thanks for helping!
  10. 1

    How do you scale your content efforts ?

    Is there a systematic approach you use to deliver quality content fast? From ideation, outsourcing and distributing for maximum efficiency. How do I automate it? Are there any flow charts? or courses I can take?
  11. S

    Anyone use Serpx?

    Hey Guys Has anyone tried out Serpx? Do you know if it works? Is it only for content generation or does it do link building also? Thanks
  12. Johny_B

    Problems with sharing and reposting Jarvee

    Hey guys, I have a problem with adding content to my accounts. I tried uploading free stock photos or repost with Jarvee from other accounts. But my posts get deleted /the stock photos/ and my accounts go to phone verification if I use the repost tool from Jarvee. I tried it on aged accounts...
  13. JS Media

    Money site content

    i actually have a question regarding web content. if an unplagiarized unique content is posted on a site and then after small duration if the content is deleted form the site and posted on another niche relevant site, will the content be counted as a unique one on the new site. If a user owns 2...
  14. B

    content marketing automation

    Hi guys other day i learnt about socialpilot and i am testing it can some one advise on CONTENT MARKETING AUTOMATION TOOL? like social pilot if i can add all my blog accounts on one platform and publish in one go or schedule it
  15. blackkaneki

    Content generator..are they effective? 2018

    Hi guys, i starting my journey into bloggging, affiliate marketing and off course try to make some income. I have read a lot of post in several forum until got into BHW (it appears that here are real people trying to help each other, compare to others websites ) about content writing programs...
  16. rakhikaur

    What is Content Automation?

    Tell me about the word "Content Automation". How could it helpful for content marketing. Why to use content automation and how can I use/do content automation for my website? Also, let me know differences between, CopyWriting, Content Writing, Content Marketing and Content Automation?