contact form submission software

  1. Sandie2018

    Which contact form submission bot is the easiest for a newbie?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a contact form submission bot but I am a newbie. I know that I have to choose between the Paigham Bot, GSA Contact Form Submitter or Scrapebox. I know that each of these bots has advantages and disadvantages and there is a big difference in price. But my question is, to...
  2. riseNgrind

    Contact form submitter for Amazon and Etsy

    Looking for a developer that can create a contact form submitter for Amazon and Etsy. Ideally would work by inputting a list of keywords, and the tool would go to work submitting requests for each product listing. Looking forward to discussing :)
  3. s4nt0s

    GSA Website Contact - Automatically Send Your Product/Service to 1,000's of Contact Forms (Discount)

    Take the 100% Free Trial For a Spin! Click The Download Button Below: Get $10 Discount on GSA Website Contact By using Coupon Code "10OFF" during checkout: (one time fee) - $97 We've been selling software on BHW for over 5+ years and offer top notch support! F.A.Q. Q: How does licensing...
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