1. HelloBTCMINER

    [LONG] Great Journey - Congratulations to 'Diamond Damien' for becoming a Jr.VIP.

    From Here || || \\// \/ To Here - Great Journey So Far...
  2. MatthewGraham

    [FaceBook] Congratulations?

    Saw someone make this post a minute ago: Specifically: Fortunately, your friends are posting this and using the word "congratulations" so it gets posted more frequently in Newsfeed by FB algorithms. Check out healthcare dot gov (fb hates links, too!) for info on how to enroll in your...
  3. G

    Hi, I'm Georgia Gehl

    Hi, I'm Georgia Gehl from New York. I'm new. I found this forum three days ago and I have reading and reading it. It's the best forum I've ever read. Great forum, great members. Congratulations. See you.
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