1. C

    Facebook confirm like button script need!!!

    Hi there, I need some script which can remove facebook confirm button. I can pay for you!!! PM me!!! Thank you!!!
  2. A

    Paypal - Confirm Identity??? HELP!

    So pretty much, I'm 16 years old and have set up a PayPal account (I bet you guys know where this is going). I've had this account for a couple years now and everything has ran pretty smoothly until about a week ago - they decided to ask me to confirm my identity by providing a Photo ID and...
  3. O

    Problem buying new domain name ?

    Hi folks I am trying to buy new domain name and I am facing a problem and the problem is "There was a problem authorizing your credit. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment. Please click here to go back and confirm that your information is correct". Please...
  4. W

    [Coming Soon] AutoConfirm by Websicosys

    In the next 2-3 days, I'm planning on releasing a new service called AutoConfirm under my Internet Marketing Software company called Websicosys. I'm looking for about 3-4 people to beta test the service. Basically, AutoConfirm provides you with several hundred (upto 2000) different unique...
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