commision junction

  1. Oneilrocket

    Why is every affilate site asking for a website to approve account

    its just plain irritating that almost every website i go to sign up asks me for an extravigant business model or website like the main reason why im even going to their damn website is to make money. wether my wesbite even makes money with their products in the longrun dosen't affect them...
  2. O

    How to track CJ conversions

    Hello, I recently joined CJ, and I just wanted to ask how can I track CJ conversions in Google Ads without using any tracker.
  3. flashsites

    To use Affiliate Aggregators or not?

    Hi. I have a sex toy and adult goods online store. I've decided to host an affiliate program giving 20%. Should I add something like this to Clickbank or is it better for the affiliate to go direct? Where would I promote to Affiliates if Im to go direct?
  4. Rank wizard Ltd

    Affiliate Programs Head to Head: CJ Vs. AMZ

    I've been an AMZ affiliate for many years now. And looking forward to scaling up my revenues with some more aff. programs. And CJ(Commision Junction) is one of the few programs I'm loving already. So, what do you guys think on comparing these two programs head to head? Here is what I've...
  5. Yaqub Nipu

    How to use Affiliate program?

    I am a newbie and want to know use of affiliate network. I am a blogger but don't know how to use affiliate program. Basically, I want to know without Amazon affiliate.
  6. homeriscool

    Commision Junction any good?

    Hi all, im just asking if many of you have had much success with CJ ? I have a niche that Amazon does not cater for so i am wondering if CJ is any good? What the commision rates?
  7. Harnur

    Commission Junction - How to Save My account from deactivation ?

    Few days ago i got a message from Commision junction, saying that my account would get deactivated if i don't make a sale in next 30 days. But the thing with commission junction is that, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to join a advertiser. 99% of the requests are declined and even if i send a personal...
  8. WhiteHatWorlds

    675% Conversion rate? Is this a glitch?[Pic included]

    Ok guys, I'm doing an offer with Cj and it's saying I have more clicks than impressions? How is this possible? The same person clicks more than once? Can someone explain this? Thanks for the help Pic:
  9. A

    Will buy Commision Junction Account

    Hello. I need commision junction account that is or can be approved for Blendtec affiliate program on there. They approve people manually. I buyed 7,5K worth of gear to be their affiliate yet to find out they dont allow just everybody. They approve people with blogs that have xy amount of...
  10. E

    CJ Ratio pageviews to clicks? (advise needed)

    Hi I am new to CJ, promoting a travel offer on travel web blog. My ratio is 100 views to 2 clicks, 0 sales. Is this ratio normal? Or should I change something? thx
  11. K

    Internet marketing education.

    Hi guys and gals, Appreciated if anyone can recommend Internet marketing videos, courses or books to read to lean and learn very well about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, selling other peoples products via clickbank and commision junction, and traffic generation. I am sure experts...
  12. K

    recommendations for a newbie?

    Hi guys and gals, does anyone have some sound advice, tips and recommendations for a well motivated newbie to affiliate marketing using commision Junction. What are the best products or kind of products/services to sell and the best advertising networks (effectiveness, cost, low cost etc etc)...
  13. Hopeful

    WebHosting/Domain Name Affiliate

    OK, I am going to start selling web hosting and domain names for affiliate earnings commissions. HostGator and Commission Junction were the obvious choice due to high payout, but can I trust either of these companies? I want to promote a company who is going to pay me promptly and every time...
  14. cdn_craigs

    Canadians!! Here is a list of ALL programs for Canada

    Hello my fellow Canadians! Just wanted to give something back to BHW - Canadians that is! Here is a full list of ALL Affiliate programs that are targeted for Canadian traffic/customers. Broken down by Niche. (Updated Dec 26 2012) GOOD LUCK - AND MAKE SOME BANK! Hit thanks if this list is...
  15. Jasonlf

    [Method] How to get past Adblock for affiliate marketers

    I know there are more sophisticated ways to get around Adblock but this is a quick easy way to get your CB, CJ, etc... Ads to show on your site. Do not use the ad code. Instead, save the ad picture and just post or publish the picture to your site and link the picture to your aff link. All...
  16. Abercrombie

    Faking the referrer with Commission Junction. Quick 5 bucks for an answer.

    I run a site in which I "have" or "strongly suggest" that members of my site sign up for select offers from CJ. These offers that I have members sign up for are pretty much "really good matches" and many of my members will most certainly convert for the advertisers, but if any advertiser or AM...
  17. Z

    Lost about $300 Bucks - Help and here is my Method i used.

    Hey guys i just started working with CJ for the first month and made like $300+ all from one program... i log in today and i see my balance is $20 from some dating websites i just tried out... so i need help to see if there is anyway i can get my money back so here is how it all started My...
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