1. MoizRaza

    100% Manual High DA PA Link Building To Lift Your Website Rank with Our Professional Commenting Service

    Contact US: Email: moizrazaservic[email protected] Skype: MoizRaza Service | live:.cid.97ecae9159ee8efd
  2. J

    Need US/T1 Facebook Comments

    Hi There, Does anyone have a reputable service for writing comments on Facebook Posts/Facebook ads? I'm ideally looking for T1 users. Please send me a message if you are able to do that.
  3. Rank Feed

    ❤️Special Do Follow Backlinks❤️Manually Build High Authority Do-Follow Blog Comment Low OBL Backlinks at Affordable Prices

    Contact Information: Skype: rankfeedseo Email: [email protected]
  4. S

    Need help reviving old money making method.

    I used to make decent money selling a digital product via instagram DMs. To get Dms, I would make comments on recent posts that had a high amount of activity in the comment sections. After spending some time commenting, my DMs would flood with customers and I was able to sell quickly. However...
  5. LandscapePhotographer

    Manual Blocks

    Is anyone else having trouble with manual blocks on IG? My account has about 9.5K followers, i have used followliker in the past. I pay a guy in India to do two hours work per day on my account. Liking and Commenting on hashtags that I give him. I make sure we are not logged in at the same...
  6. fxkool

    Virtual Assistant Needed [Blog/Forum commenting; Facebook groups posting]

    Hello, I need someone who can help me do the blog/forum commenting on numerous blogs posts and forums that relate to business/finance/investing, etc. I will be providing the comment itself (with an embedded aff tag) and all you need to do is just post it on certain forum threads and blog...
  7. J

    Your comment bot+ my proxies and email account

    I will provide proxies and you will code a not that will comment on opera news and we get paid. Opera pays 5 per 100 comments
  8. javadth

    question about anchor text in blog commenting

    hi when you are putting a comment in blogs for backlinks, you are using the name, web fields to create a link or you are using HTML or BBCode to put your link in comment box fields ??
  9. curkill

    "FREE" Natural Niche Related Comments on Niche Related Blog Posts - Insanly Low OBL

    Hey fellow female and male Sirs, going to try to keep it short as usual. I am currently working on a private commenting software, which allows natural looking posting on very very low OBL posts and high quality domains. General Information: # Usually you are one of the only comments with a...
  10. T

    [NEWBIE] Trigg3rh4ppy's Journey to 30$/day with YT and SEO

    Hello everyone.. How's the rest of the bhw community? I have been a lurker for months now and I decided to register an account here. Why the sudden rush to create a journey thread as my first post? The reason for this is, I wanted to challenge myself and hold myself accountable as well. Aside...
  11. F

    Youtube Comments Not Ranking

    Hello, I have recently started a journey of CPA + Youtube commenting. I commented on a few videos and sent likes to the comments to rank them. I have the second highest or highest likes on my comments but still they are not showing up in the top comments. Comments with 1 or 2 likes are visible...
  12. Determined Diva

    Can this work?

    Hey everyone It's 6am and I'm still slogging haha. No that's being negative lol, I'm still on the road of making riches :p:cool: Something just struck me. Now, when one markets their products or CPA based products/offers etc, they usually leave a link and in terms of YouTube filtering most of...
  13. chigurh

    Commenting on Instagram Ads

    Long-time lurker, first time poster here. I can't seem to find any information to suggest it's possible to create farmed instagram accounts that can comment on instagram ads. The goal: Create 50+ realistic instagram user accounts (no big accounts, each should look like a normal user that...
  14. Jamesjohnson74

    Is Allowing other blogger to comment on Your blog helpful

    Is it helpful for SEO purpose to get comments on my blog? Almost everyone comment using their blog URL, You add that URL or remove it before publishing a comment.
  15. D

    IG Automation Pros Only (the best)

    Dear Pros, Few questions to get some answers from some pros: 1) Does anyone know a service that aggregates DMs/comments where you can reply for multiple accounts (up to 150) in one place? The idea here is obviously, if I have 150 accounts, how can I aggregate the engagement in one place and...
  16. J

    Blog commenting question

    I have bit of a trouble with leaving a links in blog comments. I am able to find a large amount of relevant blog posts (for example using footprint with term commentluv in it). What would really help me is some way to tell if the comment must go through moderation or not. Is there some way to...
  17. FeyRazor

    Commenting/liking your other accounts pictures? (Followliker)

    Hello everyone, I have a couple niche (fashion, entrepreneurship, & money making) instagram accounts and want the create more engagement on them by having Followliker like & comment on the pictures. Is this possible? If so, would you suggest I only have the same niche accounts comment/like or...
  18. Heiko

    Looking for someone that can make some good spintax comments

    Hello, As the title says, i am looking for someone that can make a good lengthy spinnable text for Youtube Commenting. Depending on the work i might request more from you. I am willing to pay around 5$ for 1000 Words. Maybe more if it's a really good one However, i don't want a broken english...
  19. M

    Is 10 Dedicated proxies enough to do the Job?

    Hello Guys, I need proxies for posting, comenting and scraping, I can invest around $20/month, I 'm about to buy a service that offers 10 dedicated proxies per month from my country. So, What can be done with 10 proxies per month based in my needs? How many comenting with each proxy is...
  20. I

    Need someone who codes me an Insta Bot

    Need an Instagram Bot as .exe file with the following Features: liking commenting following by Hashtag / geotag / newsfeed unfollowing (with the Option "only bot follows") could Login with Two-Facthor Authentification or Facebook and of Course the normal Instagram Login. automate DM's and Story...
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