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  1. awingwen

    Anyone can help real FB share and comment?

    Hello, Just want to know who can help us share and comments our facabook event : If you have any resource, pls PM me.
  2. S

    Instagram Comment needed

    Hello, I need 50-100 Instagram Comment Provider.I have a client who post 2 photo or video per day.She need comment provider who able to add comment instant in 30 min after client post photo or video. So,friend let me know who can do this or if you have bot for adding comment instant then I...
  3. chrisking

    Writing 50 Relevant Good Comments, I supply 50 urls

    I am looking for someone who can write good and relevant to the article comments. Not comments like : hey great article you wrote! I will supply +/- 50 urls. You must read the article, and write an relevant comment for it. I will submit the comments myself. So I need a list of handwritten...
  4. berkay1907

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013

    [Get] 62000 Auto Approve Scrapebox Blog List - New List 08.09.2013
  5. H

    I would like to share wrote the words for comment spam...

    Excuse me my friends... This is my first thread. I just want to share words of special comment spam for newbie I would like to share the words for comment spam... Because I also often difficult to comment if use the English language ... because if the word Senior SEO, try not to use words...
  6. C

    comment confirmation

    Hey guys please help me and tell me how can i submit word press comment in word press related blog because many times when i submit my comment in wordpress supported blog ,a blank page is displayed with "wp-comments-post.php" in URL after submitting comment and at that moment how do i know that...
  7. W

    I need developer for comment bot

    project: after log in you have one input field for comments. I like that this bot spiders trough articles and comments something, pre defined in a text file. OR I put a bunch of urls in some txt file so that way I can point this bot where to comment, automatically.
  8. K

    Scrapebox comment poster problem. Need help.

    I use scrapebox to test comment to my blog. SB status successful post comments, but I check on the admin blog, no comment is posted. I tried to post from the blog and there are blog readers who post comments, all comments appear on the blog. Anyone ever experienced this problem? Any...
  9. J

    comment posting trick to add anchor text help??

    hello, this is my first thread. today i came across a website having high PR-6 with ********. but you can only post your website link like no anchor text. but there are some guys posting link by tricking with anchor text. i give you the link;-...
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