comment links

  1. DJ.Bud

    [Case Study] Do comment links work? Let's do Comment

    AIM: To find out if comment links work or not. What will I do? I will post comments on 20 blogs (only) and see if there's ranking improvement due to the links I have made. How? Will scrape the best blogs in my niche and comment on them so that they are approved. What I think will...
  2. KeepRollin

    How do they post links in YT comments nowadays?

    Hi I saw that under every fortnite vbucks or similar video there are massive amounts of comments which have a working link in them. Like this video for example: . Does anyone know how this is done? Thank you
  3. chrisking

    Find 10 Relevant Blogs Close To My Niche(translation) To Comments On

    Like the title says. I need someone who can find 10 blogs closely related to my niche about translation software. Blogs must not be spammend to death, I must be able to comment on them, doesn't matter if comments will be checked first by an admin. I always did it myself with scraping...
  4. memme

    Comment Backlinks Service - High MOZ PA/DA / Low OBL / Do-Follow

    We are serving our customers with backlinks since 2012. Very fast delivery !!! (usually <1h) We think most of you already know us. If you don't here we are! presents: Who we are? I am sure that most of you already know Blackhatlinks. We offer link building from 2012. We...
  5. J

    [GET] 250 links free scrapebox blasts

    Hey, I decided to thank bhw community giving this service for free (thanks button pressed would be nice:) ). So I will give 250 free scrapebox backlinks to first 3 people who write here and send website details PM. So i will give free 250 links EVERY DAY for first 3 people. Waiting for...
  6. mrgrim


    Ok so I have 66,000 comments but I'm trying to clean them, I even tried importing um as HTML file in a browser, but it came out as one line.. They have HTML tags mixed with some markup for styling.. Also there's some numbers mixed into the front of some of the lines(12.) 13.) 14.) etc)along with...
  7. mccullum

    6k per month adsense account just got banned

    How do you think that makes me feel? TERRIBLE! Anyway, i just thought i must let people know why i think i got banned. The only reason i can think of is i had "comment links" for SEO purposes. Can you believe that? I do. The content is fantastic since they are not just 5 dollar articles. I...
  8. seoguy81

    Comment links or backlinks, where to invest?

    I have some money to spare towards building backlinks. I have seen some nice offers here at BHW and wanted to know which of the above two are better? I haven't strictly followed a backlink strategy. As per alexa my site has 16 indexed backlinks.. various online tools give a different picture...