coders needed

  1. M

    Looking for a Coder

    Looking for a coder to make me a custom landing page, Reply if you know any legit ones on here
  2. Meyerlansky81

    looking for someone who can write a script/bot in python preferably or php

    i am looking for someone to create a bot/script preferably in PYTHON Selenium if not php then, that can scrape posts from a non-private local group, to a group i administer. Once interested i will explain more, its nothing more serious than just translating the posts to a specific language...
  3. N

    Assistant coder for Forex Trading

    Assistant coder for Forex Trading Hey, we need strong system made quickly will send designs app 2 weeks min other stars included in reach expanse big deal custom app. "I can do all that with python". Is what we're looking for. If you are interested, reply,This is what we are looking for "I...