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  1. D

    Native ads for COD affiliate product with $6000 ads Budget

    Hello I want to run COD offers with a Native traffic source and I have a 6000 USD budget so which Native ads network is the best For Asia and Europe GEO? previously I was run a campaign with MGID with an 800 USD budget but my campaign was not profitable. I think for low budget my previous...
  2. isnbd

    Help post Adcombo best offer FB targeting

    can anyone please help me to about good offer right now well convert through FB Ads.adcombo AM sent some solution but its not work so anyone please help be to give me some idea.
  3. isnbd

    Adcombo COD offer is not sell through Facebook

    last 3 days i am just promoting 2 product from ADcombo through Facebook ads i got 150 + clicks but no sell.but network EPC of this product high which $1.20 and payout $14.and product category Health and Beauty.... so whats Wrong with my ads Targeting ? Or COD offer is not well for facebook ? i...
  4. isnbd

    What is best traffic for COD offer ?

    hey any one can just suggest me that which is better for promote health product.Facebook or IG.i see some offer on adcombo network there product EPC is $ 1.90 and product commision is $ i think its a great offer for now any one can suggest me that which traffic source is better...
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