1. LuckyAIO

    Developer needed to develop windows C# or Python software

    Hello, Our team is looking for 2 developers to create a C#/python windows software. The main purpose of this software is to buy products on specific website that are protected by multiple scripts like akamai / cloudflare or other security solutions. Skill required: - C# / python (need to...
  2. J

    Salary - Web Programmer in Technopark, Trivandrum?

    Hi friends. Hope you are all well. This is my first post, I wish you can help me. I am working in Delhi as a web programmer. The company is stable but I feel that the value I bring is not compensated enough. I am planning to move in Thiruvananthapuram early next year to work in Technopark...
  3. A

    Hello, Aiman Khan is here.

    Hi I am Aiman Khan and I joined BHW to get more and more knowledge and to make some money also :). I've some skills about web development in HTML, CSS and PHP and Software development in C#, and some Social Media Marketing Skills also. Just going to find some extra knowledge in BHW.
  4. Jure321

    Developing Basic KW Tool in .NET - Looking for FREE APIs?

    Hi everyone! I'd like to create a simple KW research tool for my college project. However, I am not sure I can find any API that allows me to pull any data for free. I've been googling a lot and failed. My plan is to pull data from multiple APIs, put it together and come up with some kind of...
  5. Harry901

    C# Dev [ Help request ]

    Hi, I've been programming for about 3-4 years especially games. But I'm looking to expand my knownledge. At the moment I'm still studying and looking to make some extra $$$ with programming. I'm looking for tips or guideline which direction I should focus to make some extra cash. Currently...
  6. R

    Intagram follower leacher

    Hey everyone. I'm a developer and recently build an Instagram app without using of the provided api. Exactly tomorrow night of the release, the web configuration of instagram changed. Now I can't leach user followers. Any ideas about, how to make something remains at working longer are welcome...
  7. C_sharpERR

    C# paypal money generator

    Hi, Who wants to share thiere ideas on how to make a paypal generator. Any ideas will be accepted. I want all ideas to be compiled so that i can make it.
  8. handsumseo

    [HELP] Xml Formating after convert word to xml file

    I need some Help Need xml formating in xml file , i have done to create convertor word to xml and pdf to xml but still xml format not beacome my requirement the attachment sample xml file format is required i will show you problem via teamviewer on my laptop or pm me on skype. aftabkhatri1...
  9. U

    Anonymous / untraceable API calling

    There is an existing API that handles data from 6 or more client websites. All client websites call the same API through URL in jQuery .ajax function. I need client websites to be unique while calling API. I mean to say that no website function should match other website's function. If my...
  10. H

    PayPal Money Generator

    Hi BHW Members!As you can see I'm a new member and I ought to find a programming mate :) I should start by stating that this is not "I want the latest PP Money Generator" type of thread.I need someone who has experience in Visual C# programming language as I do.I won't work on the impossible...