cms system

  1. syabah

    What CMS or Platform Does Iris Use on "The Flash" series?

    Does anyone know what CMS or Web Design platform used by Iris to write about "THE FLASH"? I'm curious as it looks very interesting, seems easy to operate. The "visitor counter" widget on the sidebar also appealing. Could it be such a new blog platform that might only be available in US? I'm...
  2. Z

    Best practice to host several websites

    I have a promising niche which I promote specific affiliate programs in. some of the websites are quite simple with only several pages and other are a bit more dynamic and even require users to log in for commenting, voting etc. Which setup do you think will be best cost/easy setup/performance...
  3. N

    Affiliate Tracking Management Tool / Back End Portal

    We're looking for the Best Web Designers/Developers out there who can help us build an interactive website which will act as a multi-tool for suppliers, sellers and affiliates in one database. We want a complete package. We are a Business Process Outsourcing company, we've got clients all over...
  4. B

    CMS similar to

    Does anyone know of a CMS that is free and would allow me to create a website with features similar to Yelp? So far I have found Meeplace, but I don't have the money to buy it. I have also found Wordpress themes, such as Geo Places by Templatic and City Guide by WooThemes, but I would...
  5. haroldtierney

    What CMS is this site using?

    Hi, Can anybody please tell me what cms this site is using. Thanks
  6. jetiz

    Which shopping cart system should i use ??

    Hi, I am going to make a shopping website for Tshirts. There are many shopping cart systems available on the internet like: Zeuscart Magento OpenCart Zen Cart PrestaShop phpCOIN TomatoCart I am totally confused after looking into all the systems. Please suggest me the best...
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