1. MoneyMagnet2015

    {Journey} $10,000 monthly with Lottery Winner's Club

    HOW DOES THE CLUB WORK? Players will pay $100 to enter the Lottery Winner's Club. Winners will share 10% of earnings with the Club. 70% will be distributed among other members, management takes the rest. So I'll actually get 30% minus fees in this journey, but that's good since it will keep...
  2. M

    New Reddit upcote club!

    Hey guys! I am starting a new Reddit upvote club on Skype. My goal is to create a group of around a hundred people! - This Skype group will help each other get lots of upvotes and comments, and in turn traffic. - You must actively upvote and comment on all member links via the Skype group. If...
  3. T

    New Reddit Upvote Club on Skype

    Hey all! I am starting a new reddit upvote club on Skype. My goal is to create a group of around a hundred people so that anytime you have a new reddit post that is in need of upvoting you can hopefully get ~10 upvotes immediately to push you into the Rising or Hot categories of some of the...
  4. M

    Checking out the BlackHat World

    Hi everyone, Just saying hello as a new member. I'm interested in finding few people who would like to (in a legit way) help us spread the word about our web develpment/marketing membership club. We are offering 15% on all signed accounts...Why did I choose this forum if I don't want any...
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