1. Hostingsource

    Fast NVME-SSD VPS & Cloud Servers from HostingSource Starting @ $8. Windows and Linux. cPanel/WHM or Plesk.

    VPS & CLOUD SERVER HOSTING is a leading hosting provider, offering reliable and scalable hosting solutions for customers and businesses of all sizes. HostingSource has multiple Data centers located in New York and New Jersey. It operates a high speed network consisting of a...
  2. MrDigi

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  3. B

    Running remote desktop with Jarvee

    I want to have Jarvee on 24/7 but I don't want to use my computer. What are some of the cheapest options to run this app on the cloud?
  4. hellfire777

    Shared proxies and captchas

    I invented a better way to encrypt, really more mathematician than computer scientist, and like many, cannot afford all the rotating proxies and capthcas to get around robot blockers. A fellow IT sys admin pointed out "most watched" lists for people who over-randomize. I can use an eccentric...
  5. Billy Batts

    ⚡⚡Host your own sites through blazing fast self-managed Clouds. Easy to follow indepth A-Z eBook⚡⚡⭐Fast, Secure, Fair Priced, Easy to Ma...

    Shared hosting too slow? VPN too expensive? Learn to host your sites through self-managed clouds. Hosting your sites through clouds is fast, fair priced and once your learned everything from this eBook easy too manage. What this eBook teaches you: Choosing the right cloud server and setting it...
  6. R

    Why AWS become so slow and then backs to normal?

    This is the own AWS free tier server, not bought from anywhere. Using it to browse just social platforms and not anything else. Within mins it would start lagging very hard like mouse cursor teleporting. Then when I stop and reboot it becomes normal for some time and then the same issue again...
  7. sane120

    how stream videos from google drive via HLS

    Hi I have been trying to figure out a way to stream videos from google drive via HLS, but I haven't found a good soluation yet. I use ffmpeg to create the m3u8 playlists and .ts segments, each video is stored in a sepreate folder and that folder contains the .ts chunks and the index meu8 file...
  8. T

    working on the cloud

    I want to work on images, code and other stuff on different devices (pc or laptops) but i want to be able to access the files / source code across all devices. So the solution is to use a cloud service right? What is the best setup. I need to be able to save projects/files locally but when...
  9. O


    Hola, I already learned HTML and PHP. But i need few things that i can find here. I'm really happy to join this community. And in case if you have some questions about SEO, Azure Cloud and System Admin. Don't hesitate i can help with anything. The smart
  10. Z

    i need a recommendation for cloud computing or rdp provider for running a heavy process

    Hello, as mentioned in the title i need a recommendation for cloud computing server or rdp to run ANSYS flunet simulations (this process requires so much cpu and ram, also it needs a good graphics card). to install ANSYS package the service should be running on windows and .NET framework 4.6.2...
  11. strujus

    What cloud or hosting services people are using for movie stream websites?

    Hello, and thanks for reading you absolutely smart people. I'd like to ask if someone can share their knowledge about the hosting or a cloud service that doesn't do auto DCMA takedowns for your pirately stored videos. I've seen a lot of long-time and very successful movie streaming websites...
  12. YouDeserveTheBest

    FB Cloud Accounts /

    Please forgive my innocence. I am not stupid or lazy. I seen a banner in here with FB Cloud accounts, clicked it, got me to and I really don't know what is that for and how to use it. Any guidelines? Thank you!
  13. D

    [Free] Get 100 GB Of Cloud Storage For Absolutely Free !!

    Signup with - Use your Google account to sign-up. You'll get 100 GB of storage for $0. You can get additional 750 MB of storage for free after every time you watch an Ad. Sorta like rewarded video ads. Unlimited space. You can get additional 5 GB of space for free, after you...
  14. Jerome Baker

    FREE Oracle Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    I'm always reaping the benefits of this site, I thought since I have something to share I should return the favor. Starting now, any user, including developers, technical professionals, architects, students and professors, will have quick and easy access to more than 50 hours of online training...
  15. KJREDDY247@

    List of free courses: Coursera Together: Free online learning during COVID-19

    Coursera Together: Free online learning & community resources during COVID-19 As each of us navigates the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, we hope that you can find comfort in the strength of the Coursera community. Know that you’re not alone, and we’re here to help in any way that we can...
  16. R

    Which will give more speed Cloud Hosting or VPS?

    My site traffic has increased and I now want to move from shared hosting to ...? I don't now to which I should move, Cloud Hosting or VPS, I am using WordPress and I just want Wordpress. I want that Hosting which could Handle High Traffic easily and give more speed to the website. Which would...
  17. cardinalux

    Ask about programming and things/ideas you would loved to build

    Share your ideas and ask questions about anything related to the web/cloud.
  18. A

    AWS Account needed in Bulk

    I want to buy AWS account as many as possible, or vcc so i can create them .
  19. weirdo23

    google drive account for life?

    Hey, I've seen on some websites that they are selling google drive accounts 1tb,5tb packages for life? Here is the screenshot since I'm not sure if it's allowed to link a website so I guess this is okay since it doesn't link to any website I'm curious since I would...
  20. iVoyager

    Cloud VM Hosting

    What are some recommended inexpensive Cloud VM / Instance hosting services (like Digital Ocean, Linode). I'm developing two projects, and it would be helpful to setup some VMs on services whose IP blocks are not on the major lists for content blocking. The other thing I am working on it a...