1. Ulli Sebastian

    Resell your own used clothes

    I heard about these options: Go to a second hand store, offer your clothes. Sell them "on the internet". My experiences I wasn't able to find a single store interested in buying my clothes. They were very interested in getting them for free. I rather throw them in my trash than have a shop...
  2. Xavicrack1

    I have a website with 34 DR and not sure what to do with it...

    Hello everyone! As the tittle says... I have an ecommerce website in which I sell Clothes, handbags, wallets, suitcases and that stuff. All the products I sell are in Stock in my warehouse located in SPAIN. Currently the website is inactive because I was not getting any revenue from it, so...
  3. teocns

    clothes branding business. Need quality wholesale supplier

    hello, I am looking into starting a clothes branding business, specifically underwear. The first thing I've got to look for is unbranded quality-underwear wholesale located in Asia. On the other hand I heard many suppliers also do the service of branding the clothes you buy from them and ship...
  4. P

    I need baby clothes suppliers

    Hello, guys, can you PM me with offers if you can supply baby clothes in the US. Kind regards
  5. Fidenza

    Helping you succeed in textile/fashion

    Hello everyone, I have been on bhw since 2011, and examined what worked best as a business concept through all your experiences. Nothing made me more interested than trading wholesale, especially in fashion garments. I started my own successful clothing line, after finishing uni and...
  6. ReneBHW

    Need someone who makes label for clothes

    Write me if you make labels for clothes
  7. Nero918

    WHERE to get affiliate programs for CLOTHES brands ?

    I want to promote my own created Coupon Codes for clothing brands from sports, casuals, and luxuries. (such as adidas, louis vuitton, nike, mango, H&M , ZARA, Reebok, and so on .... ) I want to create a site where ill put my own affiliate codes for stores i mentioned above, but how do i get...
  8. F

    seeking dropshippers/supliers for female gym clothes

    I am looking to get in contact with dropshippers or suppliers who are willing to dropship gym clothes for girls...I need legit suppliers with good quality clothes . Contact me if you have something legit. Thanks
  9. I

    My business idea #2 - Affiliate site with clothes, shoes, etc

    Hello guys again! Like in previous topic, sorry for my English. I want ask you what do you think about affiliate site that selling clothes, shoes and accessories? Actually does it works at all? Why I am asking because of in aff networks I see a lot of gray themes like 'wait loss', 'hair'...
  10. I

    Help! I am looking for CPA Networks

    Hello guys! I am looking for CPA networks which specialized on E-Commerce. It would be great if they provide XML-feeds with advertiser's products. Currently I am working with cj and rakuten but their feeds are so 'dirty'. My site specialized on clothes, shoes and accessories, planning to develop...
  11. gramdemon

    any footwear seller here?

    lot of people selling different stuff here if there's anyone who sells shoes etc ?
  12. STBH27

    First Post on Black Hat World; How Clothing Influences the Way People See You

    Like most people who work, my mornings tend to be more of a race to get to the office on time than a gentle awakening. As I zoom around my flat brushing my hair and gulping down my coffee, the last thing on my mind is what outfit I should pick to perfectly represent my character and ability. In...
  13. C

    Anyone A Fan of Gilligan's Island?

    Was wondering if anyone was interested in purchasing a crew neck sweater that me and a buddy of mine designed that pertains to Gilligan's Island. It was one of my favorite shows growing up, so we came up with the shirt of Gilligan but added our own comedic twist, lol. Click on the pictures to...
  14. K

    Need a distributor of brand clothing

    Usually get all of my stuff from DHgate and Alibaba, but due to them being unreliable, I am trying to find a better supplier.
  15. M

    Looking for cheap Chinese clothes

    Hey, I`m looking to buy really, really cheap Chinese clothes. For example I want to buy them for 1/2/3 dollars and sell them for like 20/30. I know the only country that can get the job done is China. The question is where can I find that kind of company? If anybody knows something (any...
  16. W

    Shoe Wholesaler

  17. S

    women clothing drop shipper

    I am wondering any women clothes, ladies accessories drop shipper in this forum, my GF trying to start her ecommerce business..., anyone clothes handbags shoes perfume makeups ..etc
  18. T

    Hi my new HB Family!

    I just found this cool site and want to make money.I love making money and will die making money. Lol I am looking for e business and am asking for some cool people to make money with me. Let's build a business relationship and make things work.
  19. freething

    Air Jordans Dropshipping

    Does anyone know of any affiliate programs that offer Air Jordan shoes or hip clothing? Reply here or send me a PM. I will pay you for this info.
  20. Z

    Random I know, but...

    So most people are posting about luxury item dropshippers/wholesalers. My request is kind of different. I sell baby clothes on ebay with my Fiance. We currently just hit sales and swapmeets and do pretty well. But we are looking to advance it with dropshipping/wholesalers. Does anyone know of...