clone script

  1. P

    Php Clone Script Request

    Hello friends how are you; I need a php script like - - It can be in clone or nulled scripts like the sites I gave in the example. Can you contact me if you have any? Thank you from now.
  2. blackpenny

    I need a developer to clone a website

    Hello BHW members, as for the title, I need somebody to clone a website for me. The site itself (HTML, CSS) is quite easy and nothing fancy, but I'm interested in replicate the script(s) that run inside of it, I guess the tricky part of the job. I also want that the person will explain to me...
  3. Blackgal

    Your experience running websites based on clone scripts

    Hi, I am thinking about starting a marketplace using a clone script and I would love to hear your experience running clone website and the obstacles you have faced. Like: - does the script do the job correctly without having to code more? - what are the points to be checked before to buy a...
  4. GoDesain

    [FREE] Clone Website in Real Time

    Just make this tread because someone ask me about clone website and re-brand it in real time. First step : <?php session_save_path(dirname($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) . '/tmp'); session_start(); ob_start(); $base = ""; //SET THIS TO THE URL OF THE WEBSITE THAT YOU WANT TO...
  5. M

    Would like to invite Minijobscript affiliated program

    Dear BHW friends, We would like to introduce our new microjobs software MiniJob Script 2.1 Which have Microjobs + PTC all In one script MiniJob ScriptJob, Micro Job, PTC All in One MiniJob have Many features which are really required to have a Professional MicroJob site 100% Open...
  6. B

    I need a clone of Stumbleupon

    Hello freelancers, I am need need a script of StumbleUpon with all the features. If you can code this or have a working demo please get in touch with me with pm. please have a working demo of the sort and admin section. please let me know the cost as well look forward to here back from you...
  7. T

    Flipit from agriya need nulled

    Hi, I have retail flipit script from agriya but not nulled and it asking license key. I need someone who know how to null this script.. please contact
  8. H

    FIVERR clones - Which is best??????????

    Hi Guys, Firstly thanks to everyone out there for a fantastic forum. I am learning the subtle dark arts of BH Seo , a new gem everyday. Anyway , has anyone got a fiverr clone site up and running and which script did u use?? The 2 main ones I have found are hiverr and bivver. They seem...
  9. soulless1

    Looking for someone to install a script asap

    I have a vps account, i need someone who can install a cloned website script for me asap.. Contact with what details will be needed, and when can you get this done for me . Thanks:)
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