clone a website

  1. tommy.k

    How to clone a movie site ?

    sorry for newbie question and if I ask this in the wrong place I used a website to watch pirated tv series regularly I might well copy it for other movie that he doesn't upload then monetize it not 100% carbon copy, just the general idea what he's using the question is : any tool or guide that...
  2. Steffyrain

    How to find a clone or duplicate websites?

    I have multiple websites and Get cloned by someone , How can i find cloned or duplicate websites? I want to check my other websites cloned or not, Your suggestion feedback help me alot
  3. T

    Need help with website subdomain

    I have a completely built out an e-commerce site on shopify, let’s call it “shopsite.” I have a completely finished regular site.. let’s call it “mainsite” I want to create a subdomain on mainsite called “” I want the subdomain to be the “shopsite” content...
  4. loukeyzee

    ✅DUPLIBOT Website Cloner, Website Copier, Website Duplicator | Google Chrome Extension | Start Working Efficiently! ✅✅

  5. MonitorFabulous5720

    Php developer needed to clone a site

    I need a php developer that can clone a site for me very fast, and please bear in mind I would only pay after you finish the job, if you’re interested please drop your sky pe
  6. N

    Looking for a scraping tool to fully clone a website

    Hi, I'm trying to fully clone a website with the server database. Basically I need a software that can download all the pages and clone HTTP/S requests, static, AJAX on the same domain. The expected result is a local offline working page with the server requests cloned. So if we have a page that...
  7. C

    software to clone a website

    looking for a software or program to clone a website . not intended for SEO services , just as reference so it doesn't have to be indexed on google
  8. blackpenny

    I need a developer to clone a website

    Hello BHW members, as for the title, I need somebody to clone a website for me. The site itself (HTML, CSS) is quite easy and nothing fancy, but I'm interested in replicate the script(s) that run inside of it, I guess the tricky part of the job. I also want that the person will explain to me...
  9. ApexTemple

    Need Wordpress Theme cloned

    Hey there, I'm currently setting up an affiliate website with the paperback theme from array themes. There is a website, which uses this theme for their affiliate sites. I already have the theme, but there is still custom code missing. The website which should be cloned is: The...
  10. clickj4ck

    Webpage Clone - Designer needed

    Hi im looking for someone who can clone a single page for me. They must clone it correctly (responsive for all devices specially mobile). Please people with experience. Java script , html , php , etc... Leave me your skype, telegram or simply message me . thanks Please no time wasters with...
  11. Mirkogiovannetti

    Fiverr CLONE

    does anyone know a site that sells a clone identical to fiverr? A few good development teams that can make it happen?
  12. D

    Where can i find a template like

    I need to get a template (clone) of click funnels website, do anyone know a place i can get a similar template??
  13. bkmurali

    How do they clone youtube website with video?

    I am wondering how some websites are embedding all youtube videos (I mean millions of videos) in their website. Here is a sample website What script are they using?
  14. Makemeproguys

    How to clone someone else website with images??

    Not sure if this is the right section to post, please move to the thread to the appropriate sub forum if it's not the right place.. Anyways, do you guys know a free tool or web app which can help me clone someone else website including images and content?? I tried httrack but it's just too slow...
  15. P

    Need a website with a live admin panel!!

    I am looking for a site with multiple pages, which also has a live adminpanel running on the background. If you are someone who can build such a site or know someone who can acquire them, send me pm
  16. johnhustle007

    Need a developer ASAP! or a good giveaway software.

    Hi, I’m looking for a dev to code this for me... I’ll take either methods. Code it from scratch Clone it and load it on my server Connect some WordPress plugins together Get in touch, I’ll take either methods... I just need it nice and clean & fast!
  17. Rimdeika

    My landing page was ripped (cloned) need a solution

    Hello! I have my WordPress website with the OptimizePress theme and my page has been ripped ( cloned ) already... The unrespectful affiliate has changed only the links into his affiliate links on the ripped site. I am angry and sad because I have done so much work and effort developing my...
  18. Jaanu

    I need to know how to clone a website

    I need to know how to clone a website Website Like:
  19. Jaanu

    I need a clone website

    I need clone website or i want to make clone, anyone here to teach me how to?
  20. Mr.Charles

    WP PROFIT REDIRECT | AIO plugin Cloaking, Clone Landing, Popup, Track, Rotation And Page Jacker

    Much has changed since my first release, and we are going through version 2 and soon I will launch the 3, with some incredible changes, I have many satisfied customers and they making good money. That is what I am trying to do, to offer good services within the reach of all people, without the...
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