cloaking software

  1. LeadCloak

    ✅ - Killer Cloaking Software Solutions - BHW Special Offer!

    Contact Details: Contact us on Skype - Live:LeadCloak Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQs are available here. Refund Policy The Refund Policy is available here.
  2. E

    I want to try to buy just cloakit

    PLease share the link where i can buy justcloakit
  3. shikha_123

    Help Me for PopUp Cloaking in TechSupport

    I'm Shikha. Plz Guide me @Terminal15 I'm new to techsupport call generation i am Good in Adwords But, don't know Cloacking Please Help me with CLOACKING ! 1. For TechSupport Calls Generation : i have to do MANUAL CLOACKING, or i have to use any CLOACKER SOFTWARE ? Please Masters...
  4. R

    Need someone who can help me out in cloaking

    Need a PHP developer who is quite well versed in PHP. Should have his/her hands free on cloaking adwords,bing and other networks for tech support calls generation
  5. V

    Bing and Other CPM Ad Network Cloaking

    New here! Tried searching the forum, to find out there are some cloakers, I cannot send a PM to MrBlackjack, How do I purchase one now.
  6. itsjinx

    BSeolized Shadowmaker Software

    I'd love to hear BHW members' opinions on the BSEOlized shadowmaker software available for $3,500 + yearly fees... First and foremost, does anyone here have the software, and was it worth that price? Secondly, is anyone willing to resell their copy. I'd love to hear experienced opinions...
  7. A

    I need Double Meta Refresh Installed

    I Think I need Double Meta Refresh Installed In my Website In Order To Cloak Where My Traffic Is Coming From, The only Thing Is That I Only Have One Landing Page!!! Please I need someone with Experience At This Because I Don't Want To Take Any Chances With The CPA Networks! IM Me With Your Price.
  8. C

    track google ads bot

    Hi, recently I've been dealing with going deeply into cloaking Google bots to totally diff website content. at the beginning i thought that timing between requests would help me spot all bots but it seems that sometimes they delay between requests. the things that did worked effectively was...
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