cloaking fb ads

  1. A

    Can Anyone Help me with Cloaking

    Need an urgent Help with Cloaking either through Justcloakit or any other similiar tool or manual cloaking. For Google Adwords. Please share the useful Tips & Tricks to make cloaking work with Google Adwords
  2. Mr. OG

    Best Niche for FB Ads w/ NO Cloaking?

    Hey guys, I am currently a newbie and planning to start my affiliate marketing career via FB ads. I dont have enough $ to afford a cloaking software, thus I have to use the organic way. I know that running ad campaigns in niches like skin, diet, beauty, health, gambling, and gaming is not...
  3. alexel

    Where to Start for FB Cloaking

    Hey guys, I have a pretty profitable campaign currently with tube traffic, and I need to tap into FB's traffic source. First off, I understand the concept of rinsing each account and possibly buying new fb ad accounts with payment types per, but I need help with cloaking the FB ad. Does the...