cloaking adword

  1. M

    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
  2. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Google Ads Cloaking Software

    Hello! I'm looking for Google Ads Cloaking Software. Would be grateful if you could recommend a software or share a good thread on how to start/manually do it for Google Ads. All help or pointers in the right way is highly appreciated! Thanks, Blackbeard
  3. Excalibur123

    Cloaking Techniques in Casino Area

    Does anyone know what this guy is doin? view-source: Ist that Cloaking? He is running Ads in Germany for some Casino related stuff and i cant get behind this JS Code because i am not familiar with that programming language..
  4. C

    Cloaker for max bounty

    Can anybody recommend any cloaker which is working with max bounty without any blockage except JCI:anyway: