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  1. deppo

    ✅✅ Start Cloaking At No Extra Cost ✅✅ How to Block Unwanted Visitors in Seconds

    Retail Price $75 Request a discount code on this thread Who is this guide for? Promote a service or product that is not exactly whitehat and / or not explicitly allowed on certain platforms. Protect your page from unwanted visitors including spy tools, competitors, proxy/VPN users, scrapers...
  2. G

    Cloaking Google Ads Gambling Site India, Philippines, Korea

    Looking for someone with experience cloaking ads for this space.
  3. GGadvert

    Cloaking Solutions - Cloak your links with us, perfect for Google ads, Facebook, TikTok ✅

    Contact Information Telegram: @GGadvert
  4. N

    I Need Some Help About Cloaking Google Ads From Senior

    Hello guys, i'm new in this forum. like my thread says, i need some help about cloaking google ads from u guys my senior. i've try to run some ads with gambling ads in Indonesia but still get suspended for Suspicious payment, Circumventing Systems , inappropriate Business practices here are my...
  5. Loklush

    Looking for someone have experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords

    I am looking for someone who has experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords, specifically in the pharmaceuticals niche. Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in running blackhat offers in Google AdWords - Familiarity with the pharmaceuticals industry and...
  6. M


    Hi, im using JCI and then the cloaking is run.. But i don't know my money site, not show & my moneysite error.. yeah, the cloaking run, i set device cloaking.. on the laptop i can see my white page.. on phone can not, but the money site can't show my LP and only show "error" .. please, helppppp...
  7. Loklush

    Who is your best cloaking service provider

    Can anyone suggest me what cloaking service you are using currently. I want to use for Google ads only Thanks in advance ☺️
  8. chandrasatria99

    Im Looking for Google Ads Cloaking Expert Private Teacher (Paid Service)

    Hello BHW, Im newbie here, im just looking for Google Ads Cloaker Expert Private Teacher. I will pay the guiding service. Im really need expert cloaking teacher for google ads and need guide to build my dedicated server for my many google ads campaign. Best Regars MTR138
  9. M

    Need a pro web developer/cloaking/coding expert.

    Must know/have experienced how to set up cloaker. advanced level preferred. Must have experienced in making google ads tracking link. I will provide the cloaker and guide how to use the cloaker. I will tell in more details after you reply. Thanks.
  10. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Google Ads Cloaking Software

    Hello! I'm looking for Google Ads Cloaking Software. Would be grateful if you could recommend a software or share a good thread on how to start/manually do it for Google Ads. All help or pointers in the right way is highly appreciated! Thanks, Blackbeard
  11. Excalibur123

    Cloaking Techniques in Casino Area

    Does anyone know what this guy is doin? view-source: Ist that Cloaking? He is running Ads in Germany for some Casino related stuff and i cant get behind this JS Code because i am not familiar with that programming language..
  12. C

    Cloaker for max bounty

    Can anybody recommend any cloaker which is working with max bounty without any blockage except JCI:anyway:
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