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  1. M


    Hi, im using JCI and then the cloaking is run.. But i don't know my money site, not show & my moneysite error.. yeah, the cloaking run, i set device cloaking.. on the laptop i can see my white page.. on phone can not, but the money site can't show my LP and only show "error" .. please, helppppp...

    SUPPORT AD ACCOUNTS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE FOR BLACK HAT CAMPAIGN (Gambling, Crypto currency, Weight Loss). Help Cloaking and Cleani...

    YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEM WITH BLACK HAT ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE We have the solution for you! WE CAN SUPPORT ACCOUNTS FOR YOU AND HELP OPTIMIZE YOUR CAMPAIGN Why should you use our services? Do you know how the campaign works with Black Hat Products? We will support you...
  3. yueshuyayingjun

    Google Ads Cloaking

    I'm looking for a good safe page for my Casino (money page) on Google Ads. The cloaking setup is good because I'm not getting suspended with Circumventing Policy. I'm only getting suspended for Unacceptable Business Practices which means I'm getting suspended for my Safe page. I'm looking for...
  4. Loklush

    Who is your best cloaking service provider

    Can anyone suggest me what cloaking service you are using currently. I want to use for Google ads only Thanks in advance ☺️
  5. clo.king

    ✅Cloaking Service | Promote Any Offer on Any Platform without Getting Banned | Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat✅

    Are you having trouble promoting your offers on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat? Is your landing page being rejected for violating the policies of these advertising platforms? Are you wondering how to run Nutra, Crypto, Gambling, Replica or Adult offers without getting banned? We have the...
  6. anumar

    How to Create Link Cloaking? Sending Ad Reviewers to Cloaked Link Safe Page & All Ad Users to Black Offer Page

    "Cloaking links." These words must sound spam to you. But let us tell you that this is not a sinny word. Many people are using this process for legitimate businesses. It is a procedure to hide your original identity and show a fake but legal and safe link to the user to promote your brand...
  7. anumar

    How to Run Cloaking Ads on Social Media & Google? A Complete Guide

    Let’s share an astonishing story with you. Recently a survey was conducted to know different business person points of view about banned product advertisements. The answers were very surprising. Almost 69 per cent of people answered that although their products are on the banned list for...
  8. clo.king

    Tips for Creating a White Page for Black Hat Offers

    Welcome! Here are some tips on creating the white page for Black Hat offers in order for Facebook, Google or TikTok to approve your ads ASAP without problems. The content of the white page must: Be connected, even if only slightly, to your ad Contain both images and texts Be uploaded to your...
  9. clo.king

    Service Review | VIP Cloaking Package

    Hello, I’m looking for someone to review my VIP Cloaking Package for BST approval. The package includes: Cloaking of offer page or website An ad account on the platform/s of your choice where you will be running your ads Facebook Pixel cloaking if you choose to run your ads on Facebook...
  10. anumar

    What is “Ads Cloaking”? and how “Cloaking Ad Platform” works to get ad approval on restricted businesses?

    Ads Cloaking is a method used by media buyers to make sure that their restricted business URL and content is not being seen by auditors, ad reviewers and bots from Ad Companies of Social Media & Search Engines. This method is used to detect and filter Ad Company's Reviewers & Bots and send them...
  11. O

    I need someone who is an expert in justcloakit to help me set it up

    I need someone who is an expert in justcloakit to help me set it up . I have the domain of the secure site created in wordpress. I just need to implement the code in the .
  12. clo.king

    How to run Crypto offer on Facebook | From A - Z

    Welcome! Today I will share with you one of the ways in which you can promote crypto offers without getting your ad accounts banned on Facebook and Instagram, and to maintain a high level of profit. There are 6 basic steps we need to follow! Create the pre-lander and offer page Warm up the ad...
  13. clo.king

    Server Cloaking vs Cloud Cloaking. What is the deference?

    There are two main systems in Cloaking: Server and Cloud. I will explain them so that you can decide which system to use for promoting affiliate offers on Facebook, Google and TikTok without fear of disabling accounts. The Cloud system is based on redirect, which means that your domain will...
  14. clo.king

    Can any content be used in the White Page when cloaking CPA offer?

    Many people think that with cloaking, any white page can be used and approved on ad platforms. But what will happen after a short period is that Facebook, Google and TikTok bots will match your ad with the white page that you are promoting. When they see that there's no relation between...
  15. C

    How to Cloak Your Facebook Pixel to Get Higher ROI%

    Facebook Ads is one of the higher quality traffic sources, particularly for affiliate offers. The only problem is that Facebook is pretty ban happy - meaning they will straight up ban your account even if you follow all of their advertising policies. One of the best parts about Facebook is...
  16. R

    100 USDT for the one that can tell me what Cloaker is used to generate landers here

    Hey guys, As the title says, can anyone recognize these landers? I believe they are auto generated by some Cloaking software. It is not Adspect/ComSign. Looking forward to hear what you think. Here is a link to youtube showing a recording of 3x different versions. Happily sending 100USDT...
  17. G

    i need help to Cloaking Google ADS

    welcome I'm new here I want someone, can you help me by php script or help me create this script to cloaking google ads because I sell some services not allowed on google ads like (administrative docs) ?