1. B

    Setup a good system for creating multipe accounts on amazon, good pay!

    Amazon doesnt like when using ip changing software. Is there any other solution to cloak and create multiple accounts on amazon? Looking for someone that can setup a bulletproof system for consistently creating new accounts on amazon. Guaranteed not going to be used for scams or other low life...
  2. S

    Cloakfish vs WhatIsMyIPAddress

    I was hoping someone here could answer a proxy question for me. Why is it when I use an IP:Port Proxy from HMA on Cloakfish proxy check it shows my real IP adresss as being leaked along with the proxy IP address, while on WhatIsMyIPAddress it only shows the proxy IP address without any mention...
  3. D

    Disposable twitter account creation for @reply spamming

    I'm planning on creating a number of disposable twitter accounts to experiment with targeted @reply spamming for various affiliate programs. Probably clickbank to start with since I already have an affiliate account with them, though I've heard CPA offers are good too and plan on looking into...
  4. B

    How do i get Cloakfish proxies to work? please help

    We've recently purchased Scrapebox, Link farm evolution and bookmarkwiz and needed to get some private proxies. So my boss kind of rushed ahead and purchased 1 months 15 private proxies a day from Cloakfish. I've got cloakfish working through my browser, But, is there a way that i can get that...
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