1. T

    Payment gateway solution for replica e-commerce store

    We are a replica business selling online, 50% USA and 50% rest of the world. Our monthly current volume is above $50,000 - $100,000 this figure can go 5-10x more with a smooth payment processor and cashout. We need mastercard/visa payment solution online as priority and any other payment...
  2. leftyson4

    Is Fb usually able to detect cloaking?

    If your ad acct goes down while you're cloaked, is it typically because Facebook caught you using cloaking software? Or is it because your real page was exposed somehow? I have a grey-hat business and I'd like to use cloaking software because although my Fb acct and site usually passes a Fb...
  3. leftyson4

    What's the best cloaking method for 2018 on Fb?

    I own a supplement company & I'm getting tired of all the Fb acct bans - I need someone who knows what they're doing. Maybe you know of a better method than cloaking now?? Also, what's the main reason why the ad acct gets caught for cloaking? p.s. I'm willing to hire the right person who can...
  4. R

    All Pro Cloaking - Cloaking MasterMind - Who Can Stop Us From Cloaking?

    I've started threads like: Now to reach the next level, I've...
  5. R

    Share Your Cloaking Success - How Much Money Did You Make With CLOAKING?

    What's the most you've made in cloaking? How hard it was? How much ROI did you make? For motivation only. In case you are wondering, WTF is cloaking?
  6. R

    Cloaking and affiliate links doesn't work like before due to Google changes.

    - Hi everyone, I've learned that cloaked and affiliate links won't work like before, due to the Google changes. So my question is, what is the solution or what are the solutions ? - Does only "tiny url dot com" service could be enough to hide our affiliate links without problems...
  7. joe_m

    How do you track traffic sources on cloaked page

    I have cloaked pages that I want to track the traffic sources, awstats does n't log all this. Any ideas?
  8. B

    How To Cloak Affiliate Links Using Subfolders

    I lost a bookmark that showed me how to cloak a affiliate link that looked like he copied the whole web page & added it to a subfolder. How do I do this, it really looked like he copied the whole sales page & just added it to his site. This way looks more professional & also looks like...
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